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Aug 2, 2010 05:02 PM

williamstown or north adams dinner

I am a Boston board regular, traveling to Williamstown and N Adams this week. I have searched the boards and various travel sites for dinner rec's and I am puzzled...

Mezze - the best place in the area or overpriced and pretentious?
Gramercy Bistro - C'hounders like it a lot more than other sites...
Hobson's Choice, Gala, Water St Grill - good value or mediocre? they sound like typical college joints (I live in Cambridge...)
Coyote Flaco??

help, please! This does not have to be a special dinner (again, I live near many good restaurants) but we want a good meal...


Gramercy Bistro
24 Marshall St, North Adams, MA 01247

Coyote Flaco Restaurant
505 Cold Spring Rd, Williamstown, MA 01267

Hobson's Choice
159 Water St, Williamstown, MA 01267

Water St Cafe
8 Water St, Ansonia, CT 06401

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  1. I haven't tried Gala, but I'd avoid Hobson's and Water St. unless you're in the mood for a mediocre burger in a wood-paneled room. Coyote Flaco is okay, but I save my Mexican-food indulgences for, well, for San Francisco. (Why bother, you know?)

    Mezze is usually solid, especially, in my experience, on apps, salads, and fish, and the chef works hard to put out food grown in the Berkshires. Now is a fantastic time of year to eat there. The bar is lovely and the cocktails are fun. I've heard the pretentious complaint before, but I don't get that vibe — the crowd is mixed in age and there are a lot of regulars, but Williamstown is a fairly well-to-do place, which might explain people's perceptions of "pretentious."

    For what it's worth, I think Gramercy's menu reads better than it tastes. (Caveat: I haven't been for dinner since they moved to the new space, but brunch was disappointing.)

    Coyote Flaco Restaurant
    505 Cold Spring Rd, Williamstown, MA 01267

    Water St Cafe
    8 Water St, Ansonia, CT 06401

    1. Wish I could recommend more, but....... you're on target with Water St and Hobsons. I think Coyote Flaco is inconsistent at best (awful at worst) and the service stinks. I haven't been to Gramercy or Mezze at their new spots. Ate at the old Gramercy a few times--solid, well prepared but somewhat boring food. The new menu looks better, but frangrit might be right.
      If it were me, I'd try Mezze and hope the service was up to par. Or head south in the county.

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        Thank you both. We went to mezze and had a really nice meal. Apps and mains were both interesting, fresh and well-prepared.

        But one weird thing - their reservation system is funky... like they have to appear more exclusive by limiting availability. Or they release very few tables to Open Table. Or they don't have enough staff on a Thursday to serve a full house. We arrived for our 8:15 table (no 8:00 available) the same time as a party of four. Both of us were asked to wait while they made sure our table was ready. When we were taken to our table, there were at least four empty two tops and four or five empty four tops. Maybe they were just recovering from pre-theater rush, but it was bizarre. If you need a table at a certain time, I would call and not rely on Open Table!