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Aug 2, 2010 04:40 PM

Falling in love with Soondooboo jigae

I love it, and so does my S.O., but - he's a sometimes-fish-eating, sometimes-not vegetarian and gets squeamish about using things like dried anchovies to create the stock. Are there any tasty vegetarian recipe options out there for this madly delicious dish?

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  1. hm. tough one since seafood (clams, shrimp, etc) also go into the soup it to give it flavor.

    you could try using dried kelp for the broth to compensate for the lack of sea-flavor. definitely mushrooms too. also, and i don't know if perhaps S.O. might be less squeamish about this, but you could try using dried fish flakes as used in japanese dashi.

    1. Try the kelp as asiansupper suggests. To get a bit more flavor from it you can toast it lightly before using in the broth.
      Dried shiitake are also a good addition. Soak them for several hours, then use the soak water as a base for your broth, add the toasted kombu and simmer for awhile. Taste test after 10 minutes of simmer, then every few minutes after until you get the strength you want.

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        Excellent suggestions! I was using the anchovies to begin with (but made S.O. too squeamish), also dried shiitake, kelp, onions and garlic as Val suggests. I'm thinking I can get work a little fish sauce in there and no one will mind too much. Maybe clam broth.....And I never thought to toast the kelp! Thankyouthankyou! I am hungry and full of hope.

      2. this soup too!!!! it is like a bubbling volcano! Perhaps some sliced raw garlic and chopped onion would also flavor the stock if you are not using the dried anchovies...the dried shiitakes are fabulous in the stock as our esteemed hannaone suggests.