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Aug 2, 2010 04:29 PM

Kosher in Cincinnati??

Hubby and his boss are heading that way and ask me to research. I have found a few nice threads but also wanted to know if there were any good kosher restaurants in the area.

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  1. You miht post this on the Kosher board of Chow Hound and also check out and search on Cincinnati -

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    1. re: weinstein5

      The only Kosher place I know in Cincinnati is Marx Hot Bagels.

    2. Do any of the current Izzy's come close? I remember the one in Dayton seemingly was, (not going to assume despite the decor) but the ones I've tried in Cincinnati just seemed to have some kosher-style food while not necessarily being kosher.

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      1. re: Fibber McGee

        Izzy's is definitely not Kosher. They serve corned beef with swiss. No Kosher restaurant will have meat and dairy together.

        1. re: jacquelyncoffey

          Of course not. From my Cincy experiences, it's a step above Schlotzky's in terms of deli sandwiches. Which was very different from the one that was in downtown Dayton. Hebrew alphabet (aleph bet) on the wall, pictures of rabbis and shofars being blown everywhere. It's been so long I don't honestly remember, but that Izzy's there certainly felt kosher. I don't remember if the above taboo or other such non-kosher practices were followed, though. Jewish does not necessarily mean Kosher, so I won't assume.

      2. Their choices are probably somewhat limited, but perhaps other readers will be able to review Marx and Kinneret. At any rate, here's a handy list, including bakeries, etc.

        Kinneret Cafe
        8316 Plainfield Rd Ste 2, Cincinnati, OH 45236

        1. You might also want to check out vegetarian or vegan restaurants, if they will deem that "kosher" enough. Kosher is well defined, but a broad spectrum depends on the strictness to rules of the individual.

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          1. re: Diane in Bexley

            Thanks all, I passed along a nice list of good restaurants and one great ice cream place in the Square that is kosher!