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Aug 2, 2010 03:20 PM

Shall I post another DIM SUM place in Richmond Hill or shall I shut-up?!

Well, since its civic holiday and I have nothing to do. I guess I'll do another posting!

The now defunct 'Full House' on Hwy #7 East used to serve some of the more decent dim sums in the Richmond Hill area. After changing ownership and renamed 'Rich Land Chinese Cuisine', I never had a chance to pay it a visit. After hearing some pretty positive comments from a Chinese ex-chef of 'George', I decided to give it a try today.

Decor of the place remained the same but they sure need to turn up the air conditioning since it was stuffy and warm where we sat! Service was friendly and efficient. Quality of the tea was top notch.

We ordered the following dishes:

> Steamed 'super' Har Gow - 4 giant taut skin morsels with a fifth center piece topped with Masago. Prawns were crunchy. But did not detect bamboo shoot.

> Steamed B.B.Q Pork Buns. Nice fluffy dough but filling can be a bit more juicy. OK!

> Steamed pork spare ribs with olives and fermentated black beans. The usual, nothing special.

> Steamed chicken feet with chu hau sauce. Flavourful and off the bone tender.

> Beef tripe with ginger and scallions. Again, nothing special.

> Deep fried spicy salt squid tentacles. Non greasy, crispy, crunchy, chewy and well executed. Very tasty

> Deep fried glutinous dumpling with pork filling. Run of the mill. nothing special.

> Deep fried mashed taro with whole scallop topping. - Interesting and tasty. Something different.

> Jumbo shrimp and yellowing chives rice roll ( cheung fun ) - the shrimps indeed were huge. Pretty crunchy too. Not bad!

> Deep fried dough wrapped with rice roll topped with conpoy. - An interesting rendition of the common ' Ja Leung '

> Chinese pancake with chives and seafood. - A bit greasy but very crispy, delicious and addictive. Similar to an ultra thin crust pizza!

> Baked pumpkin and chicken pie. 3 pieces of 'nothing special' pie. The version at Richmond Court Bakery next door is much better tasting!

> Steamed beef stomach with XO sauce. Tender and delicious

> Jellied medlar cake with honey and Asian pear - Nice dessert but a bit too sweet!

Holiday Dim Sum pricing are 2.60 / 3.60 / 4.60

All in all, fairly satisfying with more hits than misses. A nice change of venue if one is sick and tired of the Yang's, Emperor, Regal Palaces or Ambassador....etc in the neighbourhood

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  1. I can not speak for other people, but I really like hearing about new dim sum (or any other kind of places) from you. I enjoy trying new places, and I hear about most new places on this board. So if only for my sake....... please keep posting.

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    1. re: sweetie

      Thanks for your kind words sweetie!! I'll do my best! No guarantee though! Ha!!

    2. Do you really need an answer...please never stop posting! :D

      Mashed taro and scallop sounds good, my wife would love that!

      1. Nice report, Charles. I only had banquet dinner at this place before. Will try it out when have a chance. Thanks !

        1. Ooohhhh, I really need bamboo shoots in my har gow, hmmm....
          mmmm.....I'm salivating just reading this....
          Thanks for the review Charles!

          1. Its always nice to have some change of scenery. The GF and I were heading out for dim sum and decided to try something new. I remembered this post so pulled out the blackberry (shh, I was driving still....hope I don't get a ticket like that kid who was bragging about speeding online!) and found this post.

            We enjoyed the restaurant, everything seemed fresh and well put together.

            They have a happy hour where everything is $2.50 if you go before 11:30, not sure if its on everyday though.

            I, and probably most others, appreciate any new recommendations.