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Aug 2, 2010 02:42 PM

Pipkin's Pit BBQ Vallejo.

Recently revived old thread(Thank you josquared) notes that they appear to have reopened near 6 Flags in Vallejo. It appears they are the same folks who make the great hot links I liked and which disappeared. Definitely will try on my next north bay swing along with Dillon Bread Co. Link to links.

Pipkin's Pit BBQ & Lady Nisee's
1624 Fairgrounds Dr, Vallejo, CA 94589

Dillon Bread Co
451 Ryder St, Vallejo, CA 94590

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  1. This is something of an update - every time I pass this place on my regular travels, it seems to be closed, and I've know there's been something of an open/closed aspect to this place in the past.

    Last night I was watching the Giants/Diamondbacks game on TV when they were announcing upcoming home game promotions. One of the nights (Friday, April 22) was Orange Friday Rally Rag Day sponsored guessed it, Pipkins Pit!

    Not THE Pipkins Pit, right? Yep, sure enough. Apparently they're camped out at AT&T Park this year based on this youtube vid (I think it's the same one they've always had, just retitled)

    Anyone been out at the ballpark and tried them out?

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      I haven't tried them out-but they are located below scoreboard plaza-basically below the bleachers,