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Aug 2, 2010 01:12 PM

Tortilla trouble.

So i am taking a crack at making my own from dry corn.

After i boil, rinse and grind.. i am finding troubles flattening them.

I am using a cast iron 6.5" with 2 sheets of plastic in between.

I am getting tortillas that are ripping and not coming off the plastic cleanly.

Are my tortillas too dry? I added some more moisture and then they wouldnt come off at all

can anyone chime in?


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  1. I make my tortillas from a corn flour mix so not the same as yours. But, if they are too dry they do rip as I try to get them off the plastic wrap. I than add a little water to the mixture.

    We brought a wooden tortilla press back from Mexico as we found the metal ones break easily and don't make the tortillas as thin as we want.

    Good luck. Sounds like a lot of work.

    1. Did you soak, boil the kernels in a lime solution? I don't know whether or not that would make them rip or stick, but that was my achilles heel (or at least one of them). My recipe said to "rub the yellow skins off" under cold running water. Um... nothing really rubbed off for me. I proceeded and then did some dumb things, so mine were a total flop, but I still hold out hope for the future. (Though why I hold out hope is a bit of a mystery, lol.)

      Good luck and I'll be following your progress until I decide to take another whack at it!!

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        yes they were soaked in the cal etc.

        i did add water but then they didnt come off of the plastic .

        i guess i will try one more time.