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Thyme in Cortlandt Manor

This weeklend I noticed that there's a new restaurant opening on rt 202 in cortlandt manor. The sign says "Thyme" Does anyone have any info about this place?

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  1. No, sorry can't help, but curious as to where on 202? Was a restaurant there before?

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      no - I think it was a deli. it's next to a 24 hour gym.

    2. I just saw an article about this place in Small Bites. It's in Yorktown Heights and the co-chef is Neil Ferguson, from Monteverde in Cortlandt. It features "comfort food." Sounds interesting.


      Monteverde Restaurant
      28 Bear Mountain Bridge Rd, Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567

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        Neil Ferguson is a very talented chef. Will have to try this one!!

      2. So,. has anyone been there yet?

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          Awesome, I haven't heard of this place. I've been trying to plan a lunch date with my mother for days and she has finally agreed to go tomorrow. We haven't settled for a place to go yet but something casual would be nice, if Thyme fits the bill I'll report back!

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            Really, Apples? I guess I'm oranges!

            I thought the menu looks boring

            just posted this:


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              The menu is rather plain but it's well prepared. They're doing very well so I think they made the right decision on what to serve.

          2. I was driving down 202 today so I stopped in to take a look. The guy at the front desk said they've been very busy for the past 3 weeks and are almost fully booked tonight. We had made plans to go to dinner with some friends in a couple of weeks so I made a reservation there, so if no one else reports before then I will. He said the food is really good (of course I pointed out that he would always say that but he said he'd say it even if he did not work there).

            BTW it's very nice inside and if you don't happen to notice the abandoned car dealership next door it's not that bad of a location.

            1. Thyme on route 202: "Can anyone tell me what thyme it is?" Sorry, had to do that. (From Chicago's first or second album) Anyway, going there tonight for dinner, will let you know.

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                Actually, it's "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?". Looking forward to your review.

              2. Westchester Magazine's food blog has a writeup about them. Generally positive. Looking forward to my dinner there next Saturday.


                1. I've been there once for dinner. Mixed review: we had a very delicious appetizer of mussels, my daughter had a very tasty wild mushroom pizza, but neither my husband nor I were crazy about our main courses of (two different) fish. I'll give it another try, though. My friend went there and loved everything she had. And it's a very nice, elegant space, surprising to find on that particular stretch of Rt 202.

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                    I thought the mushroom pizza was the best thing we had, although there was nothing wrong with the rest of the food.

                  2. They were reviewed in the Sunday 1/9/11 NY Times and got a "Don't Miss" rating.

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                      WOW. Good grief - should have gone when we could get a reservation!! Now it might be harder!!

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                        I just noticed that they are on Hudson Valley Restaurant Week this year. So call early and get a reservation for then!

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                          Thanks but I would never try a restaurant for the first time during restaurant week. I dont feel that is a good representation of the food or service. But I will definitely try it - probably during the week instead of a weekend.

                    2. MDH and I stopped in for dinner on a Jan. Sun. evening figuring that the crowds might be thinner. Wrong. Place was packed, so we opted for dinner at the bar. I had the butternut squash soup starter and husband had the shrimp cocktail. Both OK, but 3 shrimp seems a bit skimpy for $12. I had the tuna for the entree while husband went for the pizza margherita. Both good. Pizza is light with a nice crust, almost phyllo-like. Could easily be shared as an appetizer by 2 hungry hounds. Apple crumb dessert with vanilla gelato v.g., as was the wine list. Like many Westchester restaurants bestowed a great NYT review, service was stressed, but Michael at the bar made it an overall good experience. We'll give it another shot.

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                        I posted earlier about a disappointing dinner I'd had, though we did have a couple of good appetizers. Went back for lunch, and had a lackluster BLT; way too much mayo, and not as good as what you get in a standard coffeeshop, all for too much money. At least it came with good fries. The place was buys and the service seemed overwhelmed.

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                          Had dinner there about 2 weeks ago. No trouble getting a reservation, it was moderately busy, not crazy. Very professional service. Nice looking place with a warm but relaxed atmosphere. They seem to be having fun there; which is a plus. Food was really good too. The menu continues to seem a little unexciting to me, but the truth is the execution is near perfect (which simple food needs to be), and it actually EXCEEDS the menu descriptions; which is a step up on the usual where it's the other way round!). I would still like to see the chef get a little more adventurous, but we'll definitely be back.