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Aug 2, 2010 12:29 PM

Dinner near Brick, NJ

Will be in Brick during the week and need to find a place to grab a bite for dinner but am not at all familiar with the area- anything decent nearby? Not to fancy, not too casual. Open to any cuisine. Thanks!

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  1. On the casual end, I would recommend Mexico Lindo and Super Pollo both in Brick. Kicking it up a notch I would travel either north to Daniel's Bistro in Pt Pleasant Beach or Shipwreck Grille in Brielle. I would also consider heading south to Toms River to Bistro 44. IMHO B44 is the best bet out of the bunch. In Brick, another one to consider is Via Veneto. Do a search on this board to get more detailed reviews of these restaurants. Good Luck and enjoy your visit.

    Bistro 44
    44 Washington St Ste 2C, Toms River, NJ 08753

    Daniel's Bistro
    115 Broadway, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742

    1. In Brick, I like Villa Vittoria (italian) and typically have one of their daily specials while eating at the bar. I second bgut's recommendations north (Daniel's Bistro in PPB) and south (Bistro 44 in TR) of Brick.

      Keep in mind that many small restaurants in NJ are BYOB. If you'd like to have a drink with dinner, you may want to call the restaurant before going to determine whether you need to swing by someplace first to pick up some beer or wine.

      Of those mentioned so far, only Shipwreck Grill and Villa Vittoria have liquor licenses.

      Villa Vittoria
      2700 Hooper Ave, Brick, NJ 08723

      Shipwreck Grill
      720 Ashley Ave, Brielle, NJ 08730

      1. I would recommend the old George's Place on Mantoloking Road. It is now called Brick Oven pizza but this is deceiving. He has great pizza, seafood and pasta dishes. I just went there last weekend. I had the Chilean sea bass served over pasta with clam sauce and it was wonderful.