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Aug 2, 2010 12:27 PM

pittsburgh beer distributors

If you're going to buy by the case, you need to know your options. How do Pittsburgh-region beer distributors compare in terms of selection, prices, service? Me, I'm partial to Pistella on Penn Ave and to Mellinger's on Semple, but I'd be hard-pressed to tell you why. Where do yinz get your cases?

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  1. I've bought cases at Sav Mor Beer Warehouse on Browns Hill Road near the Waterfront and have found them to carry good beers (aka not Bud Lite) and the prices were reasonable.

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    1. re: burghgal

      Save Mor Beer has the widest selection I've found. Keep in mind that in PA, the big beer distributors are required to sell retail to the public (i.e. Frank Fuhrer). If you're looking for something special, you'll likely find it at Fuhrer's. Call first, I think they only sell to the public on certain days.

    2. I'm in the South Hills so it's usually either Banksville or the new one at top of McFadden where W. Liberty turns into Washington. Those two seem to have the freshest microbrews. Prices pretty similar - never really noticed any distributor anywhere in PA being more than $1 or $2 different than anyone else.

      And as to your last question: New York or Connecticut whenever possible :-)

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        Duffy's in Pleasant Hills has a nice selection and you can't pass on a place called Beer World in Crafton. I agree with PG about Banksvile Beer as my go to place. I am stating to like the 6 Pack Shop on Mt Lebo Blvd. Prices are outrageous, but I'm more willing to spend $10 on a experimental sixer tha $40 on a case!

        Pleasant Hill Restaurant & Bar
        536 S Kennedy Dr, McAdoo, PA 18237