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Aug 2, 2010 11:14 AM

Spicy Dan Dan Noodles...

I had the most incredible dan dan noodles at Wu Liang Ye in NYC, and I'm desperately craving them. Any idea where I could find these or other delicious Szechuan in CT/Western MA? Or a good recipe?


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    1. re: kwhitehead

      The Cove at Mohegan Sun...but hurry, they are closing to make way for a new restaurant.

      1. re: kwhitehead

        I had my first Dan Dan ever at Lao Sze Chuan and asked for it on the mild side and my mouth was burning for hours :-) I'm a wimp.

      2. A dish of that name will be found on pretty much every actual Sichuan menu you encounter, and many more besides.

        I'm no connoisseur, but Lao Sichuan (note the spelling) in Framingham (MA) has a truly amazing rendition, with ground pork and Yibin pickle (actually a salted leaf.) I highly recommend it, along with anything on the Sichuan side of the menu, especially the gan guo dry fish fillets and, well, everything else too.

        If you should make the trek up, the manager's name is Peter (not his real name, I'm sure) and he will help you navigate the menu. It's important to take the time to insure that they understand how you like your food, or they *will* dumb it down for you. (Peter reports that Americans often think they're allergic to something when their lips start tingling from the 花椒.)