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Aug 2, 2010 10:23 AM

Blue Bird Bake Shop - Orlando, FL -

They make the cupcakes sold at Pom Pom's sandwich shop and recently opened up their own store in the Audobon District in Orlando Fl. Has anyone visited them yet to try their cupcakes?

this is from their website

Blue Bird Bake Shop has nested in the Audubon Park Garden District of Orlando.

Specializing in cupcakes, we have created more than thirty flavors. From Red Velvet to Sweet Cakes, Ch-chocolate to Peanut Butter & Jelly, our flavors rotate on a daily basis. You’re sure to find a favorite or two (or three or four…). We only use the finest and freshest ingredients and bake everything from scratch daily. We also offer brownies, cookies, scones, muffins and other bakery fare.

3122 Corrine Drive
Orlando, FL 32803
(407) 228-3822

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  1. Next time you're in the Tampa area, check out Datz & Pane Rustica in South Tampa. If you dig cupcakes and unbelievably good baked goods, you'll really enjoy those two spots.

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      Although I haven’t stopped by the new location yet (I am told it’s hard to know when they are open; their blinds are frequently closed against sun as well as in off hours; note to the proprietors they may be accidentally discouraging some drive-byers!), while I was waiting impatiently for their big Opening Day, I made two trips to Pom’s to sample the wares.

      My loot from trip one included a red velvet cupcake and (ahem) some sort of chocolaty one that I can’t recall the precise name nor variety of. With cream cheese frosting or filling, perhaps? At any rate, it was some sort of white and black critter, whatever it was.

      Now, while I am a cupcake fan, I have never, ever had better than my own homemade versions, try as I might…. The ones I purchase are always too damn sweet, covered in frosting that could make your teeth hurt just by looking at them, grainy sugar granules still perceivably crunchy in a frosting-like substance which could—for all intents and purposes—have been squeezed out of a Twinkie middle. Yech. And I do make it my business to stop by lauded NYC joints when I head home to visit the folks. Not talking about the touristy Magnolia junk, either – I hit up Billy’s, 2 Red Hens, Crumbs… whatever the ChowBoards are showing the love to in the weeks preceding my trip.

      So, back to Bluebird by way of Pom’s. I should mention I also purchased a vanilla cake with choc frosting for a colleague whose appetite had been whetted by my audible mooning over Bluebird’s online menu.

      ANNNND lemme tell ya, gentle Hound: the cakes were just flippin’ fantastic! I mean, ZOW.

      For example, sure, intellectually I know what’s in a red velvet cake, but I have never actually tasted the cocoa until this cuppie came into my life. The cake was moist, the cream cheese frosting succulently creamy, and the allocations of both were perfectly balanced against each other. Ditto for my mystery-variety black and white one – rich and yummy; not one errant crumbs escaped my eagle eye as I inspected the large clamshell they came in for any remaining whiff of deliciousness that I could lick up.

      My co-workers, however (one of whom I’d generously allowed to sample my black and white) – not so impressed. “Not sweet enough!” one complained, who is also an admitted admirer of Publix bakery sweets. “Aha!” I thought to myself. Finally: here were cupcakes for grown-ups. Cupcakes for people who LIKE to taste actual flavors and not mere sugar and lard. Cupcakes for….me!

      Alas, a second trip to Pom’s two weeks ago turned out to be a sad disappointment. I was there late in the day, it’s true. Not much was left. I selected a chai (which all three staff members simply raved about) and (arg, blast my memory) either a chocolate with vanilla frosting or vice versa. One of the classic pairings, it was. And both proved thoroughly mediocre, to the point where I came close to tossing them in the bin rather than make an unworthy caloric sacrifice. Dry cakes. Not much flavor. Frostings – well, still wayyy better than most contenders out there, but still – meh. Oh, the humanity!!

      All of which is to say that, more testing is needed. Yes, fear not, Hounds: I AM brave enough to answer the call. And I am resolved that it is time to go to the point of origin, now that they are finally open. We will eliminate any possibility of transit exhaustion affecting our prize!

      FYI, for all the other insta-Chow-gratification junkies out there, be warned that the full assortment of cuppies is not assured to be available until perhaps as late as 11am-ish. When told this by a staffer who was, at that moment, unwittingly thwarting carefully laid cupcakes plans of mine, I uncharitably thought in response, “cheez, get up earlier, ya lazy bakers!!!”

      However, the pleasant gentleman patiently explained to me that they do, in fact, get up at the bakery-customary buttcrack of dawn, but multiple flavors must be concocted, then allowed to cool, then decorated with their own special wardrobe of carefully design frostings. Sigh. However, consolation snacks for the early birds do exist in the form of muffins and scones.

      I am anxious to hear Hound field reports, so share if you go!

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