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Aug 2, 2010 10:22 AM

Willy's Steak & Shushi the worst meal and service I have ever had there

My so and I went there last night. the place was was very empty (maybe 6 tables seated) at about 8pm. We were greeted and seated by a very nice hostess. It went down hill from there. Our server broke her conversation with the couple at the next table to get our drink order me wine hubby soda we were ready to order apps she was not, said she would be back for that with our drinks ok ordered oysters rock and a californis roll for apps and she now wanted to take our entre order so we did i got the kobe burger and fries he got the fruiti de mare. we got the roll in about 5 minutes and waited 15 for the oysters. both were fine as the waitress chatted at the table next to us the hostess cleared our app plates that had been sitting at the end of our table along with the empty soda glass. as we waited anouther 15 minutes for our entrees we had to ask for more soda ( from our waitress chatting at the next table ) the entrees came via the hostess i was starting to think she was our server at this point. fruiti de mare had 4 good size shrimp and mussels, not much fruit in that sea! in a very bland juice with almost raw tomatos. so said it was ok but had no intention of taking the leftovers home. I ordered medium for the $19.00 burger when i cut it in half it was raw and cold inside so i sent it back. 5 minutes later i get the same burger now 2 pieces well done on the same plate, that in itself not a problem but there was mayo and cheese smeared on the plate but at least my fries showed up not hot and they were the coated ones i could get for 3.00 at dennys. at this point I was done as the server was again at the next table chatting as my hubbys glass was again empty at the end of the table. we learned what the servers kids were doing this summer. finished our meal sort of and was never asked if we wanted desert. she did ask if we wanted the nasty fries and bland pasta wrapped. no thank you! we have been going there for years and i have to say this was the worst meal and service i have ever had there and will not be going back anytime soon

Willy's Steakhouse Grill & Sushi Bar
2 Grafton Street, Shrewsbury, MA 01545

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