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Aug 2, 2010 10:03 AM

Chaume Premier Cru des Coteaux du Layon, anybody?

Interesting article in Wikipedia:

Appellation created in 2003, annulled in 2005.
That means, there should be some bottles out there ( produced in 2004? ) carrying the fleeting "Chaume Premier Cru des Coteaux du Layon" on their label.
Nice collector's item.
Has anybody seen one of those?

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  1. Wine-searcher shows several, one specifically with the premier cru title...

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    1. re: penthouse pup

      You're right!
      I see:
      2003 Chateau Soucherie Coteaux du Layon Chaume 1er Cru
      Good! Will order one tomorrow.
      Or rather two, one to taste, one for the Pantheon of Rarities.

      1. re: RicRios

        2003 was a very hot and dry year producing low acid wines with little or no botrytis in Coteaux du Layon.

        The 2003 Soucherie is pleasant, but not age worthy or collectable. If purchasing something to cellar is your goal then stick to the 2005 vintage.

        1. re: Vinny Barbaresco

          Too late! Bottles already on the way from the right coast.

          As a consolation, just let me say you never know with CdL.

          A 2004 Coteaux du Layon Sélection de Grains Nobles by Philippe Delesvaux, given 2 stars by Guide Hachette 2007 ( "Avec ce vin, le domaine s'affirme de nouveau comme une valeur sûre du vignoble" ), has been so far absolutely one-dimensional. I highly doubt this one will go anywhere irrespective of time.

          OTOH, a 1959 Moulin Touchais Coteaux du Layon I had last Sunday was nothing less than spectacular.

          1. re: RicRios

            If you can find it in USA, YvesPierre Tijou, prop. of Soucherie makes in a good year a reserve Coteaux De Layon, that is made in the style of Huet's Cuvee Constance, very concentrated. He is located in St Lambert du Lattay and always wants visitors. Town is about 30 Km below Angers,great property. Close by is appelation of Bonnezaux with the wines of Rene Renou, Marc Angeli, and Chateau Fesles, all which show the concentration wonderfully.

            1. re: Delucacheesemonger

              Good to know, thanks! ( will probably try in a couple months ).

              Re. Catherine: you meant Huet's Cuvée Constance?