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Aug 2, 2010 09:58 AM

Jersey-Q found a permanent home

For years, we would stop by before turning off Route 322 for our Super Double Secret back way to the shore at the gas station across the way from Wawa... you could smell the hickory smoke before you could see the tent and the sign "BBQ Here"

It's our summer tradition to stop by and say hi to the Jersey-Q guys and pick up a rack of their perfectly cooked ribs with spicy bbq sauce, collard greens, and a half chicken...

we'd sit in the hot, hot heat at the picnic table, with the drinks we just bought at the gas station and tons of napkins and we'd CHOW down on our scrumptious fare

then last year, we were coming home from an off season jaunt to the Wild Woods, heading toward the Commodore Barry Bridge, we saw a sign "Jersey-Q"

My husband nearly caused an accident for how quickly we slowed down and made a "u-bee" to go back

Sure enough! The guys that were seasonal, outside grilling by the gas station now have a real-life sit down eat in or take out restaurant

Lest anybody worry that anything else changed .... I can assure you that everything they serve is still out of this world

From the salty, pork studded collard greens, to the fall off the bone ribs (never too fatty, they really know how to do ribs like nobody else, no wonder they're winning awards left and right) the sweet corn bread is the perfect accompaniment to it all

I highly recommend the next time you're heading over the Commodore Bridge be sure to stop by Jersey-Q and grab yourself some!

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  1. We don't get down that way too often but for sure when we do I will have your post with me. A mouthwatering report :)

    Maybe on the way back from a visit to Longwood. Gotta find a reason to go.

    1. Hadn't heard of the Jersey Q guys before. We happily travel for great 'cue, so thanks for this post, cgarner!

      Edited to add: The photos on their website have me wiping drool off my keyboard!


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      1. re: RGR

        Definitely out the way for me as well but I will put a note in my mental rolodex to stop by if ever in the area.

      2. My 11 year old daughter will eat an entire large container of their collard greens by herself (and then drink about a gallon of water the rest of the day) LOL they're soo good, (salty) and soo good!

        I'm really picky when it comes to ribs, if they're fatty, I just can't eat them, no matter how tasty the meat is... this place just rocks! The people are super nice and now that they've got the overhead of a store, I'd like to see them succeed! So try them out and if you like them, spread the word!

        1. I'm very sad to say this, but the Jersey-Q is no more. I drove by & there was a "for rent" sign on it. I called the phone number and that number has been assigned to a real estate office. Sad, indeed..I too really was enjoying that place when I would get to that part of the world!
          I hope that they go back to the gas station routine and that someone here reports the location as I am from Philly and don't get around that area other than #322!!!

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          1. re: RichieT

            Thanks for letting me know, Richie! We actually have a trip "down da shore" planned to check out a place to rent for a week this summer (yep, we're shoobies)
            I guess I'll have to wait till we get to North Wildwood and grab me some seafood at Rick's instead

            I'm saying my prayers with you that they return to the gas station this summer, their bbq is some of the best I've ever had
            (ever been to 'the store'? )