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Aug 2, 2010 09:57 AM

Sawmill Sherwood Park - OMG!

Tried it hoping that at least the prime rib would work. I have never had a truly bad meal at the other one Sawmill I have been to on occasion in the past. It is not fine dining by any measure, but others have dragged me to the one on the south side. Whata debacle!

There were repeated attempts by the manager to hide the fact that much was received frozen (we knew it was from the shape, texture and taste), he argued with us about the doneness of the meat (so we sent pics to two of our kids (both teens) by email, both of whom without prompting emailed back noting the well done status of the meat), claimed to watch the cooks make the bernaise sauce from scratch (the general manager acknowledged later it has a powder base), claimed the appies we ordered were made in house (and later clairfied that: no they are not frozen product, because they thaw them first(!) - the general manager later confirmed they are not only frozen but third party sourced).

The salad bar is hilarious...marshmallow salad or jello anyone? I must have mistakenly recalled the salad bar on the south side as okay - in an '90's sort of way.

We hoped for an average meal at an average price. The price met expectations, but the food was just awful, the service (except our friendly, unknowledgable server) was offensive, they will not see us there again. Sigh, Sherwood Park -the culinary desert - remains barren.

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  1. Isn't Cafe Haven in Sherwood Park?

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      Yes...and I love their menu, but it never tastes good. I really, really want to like them, I have been back at least five times. Great coffee (Transcend), great chocolate (Jacek). I have been there with my wife, my kids, one ever likes it...the food SOUNDS great, but the bread is always dry, the soup tasteless and runny. I will keep trying and hoping, but a total letdown oasis in this desert...just mirages.double sigh.

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        1. Yah, not a big fan of the fountain. Chocolate fountain, buffet and kids, don't mix. Not to mention a friend of mine was warned about renting one, as they are almost impossible to completely clean and God knows what gets in there. :S

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            Yeah I'm not a fan of taking my kids out for a meal and having them load up on sugar. Jello, marshmallow salad AND a chocolate fountain. Sign me up and pass the insulin :P

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