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Aug 2, 2010 09:43 AM

Boston to Bar Harbor

Heading from Boston to Bar HArbor on Saturday with our pup to camp and would love to find a good place on the drive for lunch.Would prefer to find an outside/dog friendly joint if possible. Also are there any good farm stands on the drive? Would love to grab some fresh veggies to grill up camping.And finally would love to hear of any restaurants in the Bar Harbor area that are dog friendly.Thanks.

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  1. The farmers market in Portland, just off 295 in Deering oaks park is extensive and in full swing right now. Open early . For lunch it depends on the route you are taking , if route one Damariscotta is about half way, check the board for recs.

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      Thanks, not sure of our route yet. Was hoping for a farmers market/stand a little futher along the way. If we do decide to go 95 is there anything worthwhile?

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        There is a Farmer's Market in Augusta on Sat right off I-95/Exit 109 (in the Sears Plaza on Whitten Road).

    2. There is a produce stand outside of Ellsworth called PJ's or JP's - its on the left side of the road - lot's of plants outside (looks like a nursery) - The produce isn't necessarily all local, but it's really good!

      1. There is a farmers market in Camden near the Knox mill on sat.'s a good one that, although smaller than the Portland one, has greater variety, I think.

        1. Less than 4 miles off I-95 in Waterville: Riverside Farm Market and Cafe (might be outside seating, if so perhaps allows dogs, other get to go, also plenty of fresh produce):

          Or, if taking Route 1, Spear's Farm Market, right on Route 1 just after the traffic light in Waldoboro, or follow signs off Route 1 in WArren to find Beth's Farm Market--can loop back to 90.

          Dining with dogs:
          If you take Route 1, we've dined with dogs at Just Barb's. Waitress was great and even though we got take out to eat on the picnic tables outside, she came out to check on us.

          Jordan Pond House in ANP allows dogs outside. McKay's and Cafe This Way have outdoor seating, so it's worth a call asking if either allows dogs. Ditto for Seafood Ketch in Bass HArbor.

          Cafe This Way
          14 Mount Desert St, Bar Harbor, ME 04609

          Just Barb's
          24 Main St, Stockton Springs, ME 04981

          Seafood Ketch
          McMullin Ave, Bass Harbor, ME 04653

          1. A stop at Chase's Daily in Belfast may fit the bill. Organic/veg food, bakery and farmers market all in one. Food is wonderful in a very cool buidling, and I think they may even be cool about allowing pets. IIRC, there were a couple of dogs hanging with their owners during lunch.

            Chase's Daily
            96 Main St, Belfast, ME 04915