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Aug 2, 2010 09:29 AM

Lobster Roll (On way to Truro)

I'm looking for a lobster roll pretty much along the way of my travels to Truro on Rt.6 for lunch. I like the rolls with mayo. and butter too - just looking for a great lobster roll on the way. Any recs. would be appreciated.


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  1. Mac's or Friendly Fisherman will fit the bill (Arnold's too I suppose)

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    1. re: CapeCodGuy

      We always stop at Eastham Lobster pool.

      1. re: magiesmom

        Gone for years now. Good thing too, as it had decreased substantially in quality near the end. Is now "Woody's" with a Mac's Market next door. I haven't been since it change hands a couple of years ago, since we always try to hit Friendly Fisherman instead.

        1. re: Science Chick

          Its not even Woodys anymore-we were there a couple of weeks ago and it had changed hands again-im drawing a blank on the name however.Macs still is the attached market

          1. re: daver

            I think it's called "Stewart's"

            1. re: thos

              Huh. Interesting tip, thanks. I just checked out their menu....interesting Asian and Mediterranean accents on many of the items. I wonder if anyone has been there........this may require a separate post!


    2. I had the Lobster Roll at Arnold's back in June, I was pleasantly surprised, nice chunks of lobster meat (not just claws), not gloppy, but lightly tossed with mayo, the roll was packed with lobster worth the $12+ . I'd buy it again, I didn't care for the onion rings, (cut too thin), batter/breading kept falling off.

      1. I can't eat lobster, unfortunately, but my dining partner is partial to lobster rolls. This season we found very good rolls at Arnold's in Eastham and The Bookstore in Wellfleet (just a short hop off Rt 6).

        But the most impressive was at Sesuit Harbor Cafe in Dennis, large chunks of lobster meat lightly dressed with just a bit of mayonnaise and chopped celery, it looked terrific and generously sized. However, that would be a ten minute plus detour off exit 9 on your way to Truro.

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        1. re: Dan D

          Will most likely try Arnold's since it's on the way & the reviews have been positive. Thanks for the recs.