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Ha Long Bay at Avenue and Eglinton

Have been on the seach for great Vietnamese food for a while and decided to try Ha Long Bay. It's a new vietnamese 'bistro' that opened up on Eglinton west of Avenue.

The food was delicious!! The flavors were incredibly well balanced and layered. It wasn't just your typical mint leaves with some sesame oil. We had the sweet and sour shrimp soup, and the broth was intricately delicate. For mains, had the grilled pork vermicilli and chicken and sweet potato curry - both were terrific. I especially liked the chicken curry - it was much lighter then what you get at a thai restaurant and the addition of sweet potato and taro gave it wonderful texture and flavour. Reasonably priced and nice decor as well. I highly recommend it!

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  1. Address and prices if you have them?

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      Its 525 Eglinton Avenue West - just a couple blocks west of avenue. The vermicilli was $9.50 and the chicken curry was $14. Not 'fast food' prices but very reasonable for a stylish restaurant. I read an couple online reviews and one person posted pics if you're interested


    2. The name, Ha Long Bay, indicates that it's northern vietnamese. The vast majority of vietnamese places in TO are southern vietnamese. The only other N. Vietnamese place that I know of in TO is Hanoi 3 Seasons.

      Did you see anything on the menu, like Cha Ca (fish fried in tumeric and dill), or Bun Hanoi, that would indicate that the place is N. Vietnemese?

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        I don't think it was strictly N. Vietnamese...but I don't know enough about vietnamese cuisine to distinguish.

        The soup portion of the menu did list a Northern chicken vermicilli (Bun Thang) and southern chicken noodle soup (Hu Tieu My Tho) so I'm guessing the at least know the difference :)

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          I'm certainly no expert either. My wife and I were in Halong Bay on our honeymoon so I got a bit of experience there.

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          I didnt see a Cha Ca fish but they did have Bun Ca Thi La/Tumeric and dill Tilapia Vermicelli which my friend and her partner thought was amazing. He is there website http://www.halongbaybistro.com/

        3. My husband and I had a great dinner here. The food was very special. We were very impressed with the flavours and freshness of all the food. I recommend the spring rolls which were very different than the usual on offer. Avenue and Eglinton is lucky to have Ha Long Bay Bistro.

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            Add me as a fan. Had a very tasty grilled pork Banh Mi sandwich, which came with a very delicious side broth. Good size portions. Did not leave hungry. Soup and sandwich was $9.50, not including tax and tip. It was well worth it. My friend’s beef striploin vermicelli dish was wonderful as well. Very nice quality, done with lots of love and care.

            Very sweet service. And a nice space as well. So glad this area has a very good Vietnamese spot!


          2. I went here tonight and was very impressed. I have been looking for a good Vietnamese place since I left London Ontario where I used to go to Ban Than's all the time (I know its not gourmet but it was pretty good). This is going to be one of my fave. places to eat now I think. The food was amazing, the sugar cane shrimp had a great spice in them I didnt recognize, the crab and asparagus soup was superb with tender asparagus pieces and a great but delicate crab flavour and the chicken curry and salad very yummy. I also had an Avacado smoothie (they call it a milkshake) that was just what I wanted and expected. Friends we met there also really enjoyed their food. The decor is amazing right down to the cute little soup bowls. Service was great. The prices were good considering its not your typical order by number Vietnamese/Thai eatery. I'd go back again for sure and likely will many times.

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              Was it busy? I've been planning to go, but then they got 3 out of 4 stars in The Star last weekend and I thought it might be packed for a while.

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                I had dinner there last week and found myself waiting an hour for my meal to arrive. I generally respect a Vietnamese restaurant that tries to stand out compared to all the other typical Vietnamese places, but if you can't handle a full house then there's something that needs to be done. Whether or not it got rated 3 out 4 stars, they should have taken consideration that people don't want to wait an hour for their main entrees, that's just unacceptable.

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                  when I went it was not very busy, but it was a week night early in the week

              2. I went tonight and was impressed. The food is fresh, refined and served with care. The place was half full and service was prompt. The fall rolls were excellent,as were the coconut crepes and the rice pudding with corn. I found the bamboo salad to be incredibly bland. The chicken curry was good, but didn't have a lot of depth.

                I'll be back to try some other dishes but I couldn't help but feel let down by the lack of heat and those strong flavours you associate with Vietnamese food. Not a lime or a chili in sight.

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                  I too went last night on CH recommendation. Cozy, food made with love. Green rice floured shrimp spectacular, chicken curry subtle, yes, not spicy, true, but far from bland in my estimation. Unusual. Salads composed with care and all over tone of fresh, quality ingredients. Not sure I'd travel across the city for it, but delighted to have a restaurent in my neighbourhood I actually find delicious. Tasty food for discerning tastebuds, no letdowns.

                2. We went a few months ago- lovely decor, good service, good prices!

                  I would almost call it a fusion restaurant. We had the pancake which was filling, but a bit tough.
                  Also the quail, naturally a bit of a pain to deal with, but very tasty.
                  Bignets a bit tough also, but also very tasty. Great presentation, too.

                  We'll be back!
                  Hopefully they can fill a bit of the void that Xaphire has left in the interm

                  530 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M5N1B4, CA

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                    I wouldn't quite call it a fusion restaurant considering they only serve Vietnamese dishes.

                  2. Went again for lunch today. Their pho was quite good and the plate of condiments included culantro with the holy basil. The fried spring rolls were excellent and we had to have some more of their rice and corn pudding.

                    Overheard the waitress saying that business had been very slow this month. We were the only people in the restaurant at 1:30 on a Saturday, which was kind of surprising. They need to improve their signage. We drove right by the first time without seeing it. The front of the building and the sign are all back and you can only really see the sign when it's backlit in green at night.

                    1. We have been to Ha Long Bay a few times, and enjoyed our meals very much each time. We always order the Summer Rolls and the Fall Rolls. Also, the Evergreen Shrimp appetizer is very good. The last time we went, the waitress suggested the Crispy Coconut Crepes - I have never seen anything like this before and it was delicious! Of course, the Pho is good as well.

                      1. What are the vegetarian entrées, if any, that you kind folks recommend?

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                          It looks like they have a vegetarian pho ... I'm excited about that. Not easy to find at Vietnamese restaurants.

                          Here is the link to menus:

                        2. Great chowfind, thanks for the tip! Cross posted: Ha Long Bay is a majestic area in Northern Vietnam, this bistro serves food to match. In short: best Vietnamese in Toronto, worth a drive across the city. We ordered: Fall Rolls (silky sausage, jicama, basil, rice paper wrapper) gorgeously presented, delicious, $5. One of the best beef pho's I've had (top quality rare beef, rich flank, and flavourful beef balls), $8.50. And a classed up Bahn Mi (roast chicken or pork on a fresh baguette) served with a light soup, $9.50. Wrapped up the meal with an authentic vietnamese coffee. Very nice interior and tableware. Great for lunch or a nice dinner. Very reasonable prices.