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Aug 2, 2010 09:05 AM

Ha Long Bay at Avenue and Eglinton

Have been on the seach for great Vietnamese food for a while and decided to try Ha Long Bay. It's a new vietnamese 'bistro' that opened up on Eglinton west of Avenue.

The food was delicious!! The flavors were incredibly well balanced and layered. It wasn't just your typical mint leaves with some sesame oil. We had the sweet and sour shrimp soup, and the broth was intricately delicate. For mains, had the grilled pork vermicilli and chicken and sweet potato curry - both were terrific. I especially liked the chicken curry - it was much lighter then what you get at a thai restaurant and the addition of sweet potato and taro gave it wonderful texture and flavour. Reasonably priced and nice decor as well. I highly recommend it!

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  1. Address and prices if you have them?

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      Its 525 Eglinton Avenue West - just a couple blocks west of avenue. The vermicilli was $9.50 and the chicken curry was $14. Not 'fast food' prices but very reasonable for a stylish restaurant. I read an couple online reviews and one person posted pics if you're interested

    2. The name, Ha Long Bay, indicates that it's northern vietnamese. The vast majority of vietnamese places in TO are southern vietnamese. The only other N. Vietnamese place that I know of in TO is Hanoi 3 Seasons.

      Did you see anything on the menu, like Cha Ca (fish fried in tumeric and dill), or Bun Hanoi, that would indicate that the place is N. Vietnemese?

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        I don't think it was strictly N. Vietnamese...but I don't know enough about vietnamese cuisine to distinguish.

        The soup portion of the menu did list a Northern chicken vermicilli (Bun Thang) and southern chicken noodle soup (Hu Tieu My Tho) so I'm guessing the at least know the difference :)

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          I'm certainly no expert either. My wife and I were in Halong Bay on our honeymoon so I got a bit of experience there.

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          I didnt see a Cha Ca fish but they did have Bun Ca Thi La/Tumeric and dill Tilapia Vermicelli which my friend and her partner thought was amazing. He is there website

        3. My husband and I had a great dinner here. The food was very special. We were very impressed with the flavours and freshness of all the food. I recommend the spring rolls which were very different than the usual on offer. Avenue and Eglinton is lucky to have Ha Long Bay Bistro.

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            Add me as a fan. Had a very tasty grilled pork Banh Mi sandwich, which came with a very delicious side broth. Good size portions. Did not leave hungry. Soup and sandwich was $9.50, not including tax and tip. It was well worth it. My friend’s beef striploin vermicelli dish was wonderful as well. Very nice quality, done with lots of love and care.

            Very sweet service. And a nice space as well. So glad this area has a very good Vietnamese spot!


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