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Aug 2, 2010 08:51 AM

popeyes has gone downhill

ok so i dont understand why the mods deleted my last thread, but ill repost it.....

so the last time ihad popeyes was 3-4 years ago. i remembered the moment i took that first bite out of my spicy chicken sandwhich i was in love. ever since then ive eaten there 4 times since(last time was 3-4 years ago). the reason i havent gone more frequently is due to location. so anyways, i was in the area of a popeyes this past weekend, and i excitedly stopped by. i was all ready to get 2 spicy chicken sandwhiches. mouth watering i went to the register and ordered. my moment of dismaty started when the woman said WE DO NOT SELL THE SPICY CHICKEN ANYMORE, but we do have the plain chicken tender sammich. i was in shock,and wanted to cry. i seee so many posts online about how the spicy chicken is the best sandwhich in history. i sucked it up, and said sure ill take the plain tender sandwhich im sure it tastes the same..good quality just not spicy.
well it wasnt good at all,and the chicken quality at popeyes has gone to crap also

mods dont delete this.

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  1. weird, the chicken (in 2 and 3 piece meals) in my area taste the same as in 1999. never tried the sandwiches though--maybe they changed the recipe on those. wendy's has a decent spicy chicken sandwich--check it out.

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      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. I had Popeye's for breakfast a few weeks ago and was able to choose between spicy and plain. I wonder if you misunderstood the cashier, and she was really saying that they were out of spicy chicken, not that they were not selling it at all. Spicy chicken is the cornerstone of their menu...

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