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Good Source for Fancy Pork Belly?

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So its time to make more bacon. For that, I need pork belly. I haven't done it in a little while (stupid day job), and I've found that my regular source has dried up. Any suggestions on where I can find a good slab? I realize I could go to chinatown, etc... but if possible I'd like to buy some fancy pork (heritage, sustainable, whatever the kids are calling it these days).



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  1. have you called savenor's, dewar or whole foods?

      1. I get a nice slab each year from Houde Family Farm in Vermont. I am a member of their CSA as well but I imagine you could do a one-time or special order. http://houdefamilyfarm.com/

        1. I got a frozen one from Stillman that blew my mind with how good it was. Here's a pic from just before I puffed the skin under the broiler.

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            amazingly inexpensive (it is to begin with really) at restaurant depot.

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              I've bought a fair amount of pork from RD (Needham), and it's usually good, and definitely cheap ($1.60 per pound for butts, usually). Every once in a while, you get one from them with the boar taint though, which makes me feel like I'm playing meat roulette. Since the stink resides in the fat, I really didn't want to take a chance when cooking belly. The Stillman pork belly, whether it's due to the hog breeds or not, didn't have a trace of that disgusting flavor, just buttery gelatinous goodness, though maybe I just got lucky.

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                interesting. I've never actually bought it from RD, just noticed it before.

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              Looks like I posted the pr0k pr0n before on this link, which also has some good sources:


            3. I get mine at Savenor's. It's raised in VT. Good stuff. If I'm taking the cheap way out, I go to H-Mart.

              3 Old Concord Rd, Burlington, MA 01803

              1. They have it at the Market Basket in Burlington. You can ask them to cut the bones from the meat if you would rather not do it yourself (but you have to buy the bones, too.) Makes nice bacon.
                Assume you already have the pink salt, but if not they stock it at Christina's in Cambridge.

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                  Folks, the OP asked about heritage and sustainable pork belly, and you're throwing out Restaurant Depot and Market Basket? Come on now.

                  SKC: I haven't been to what used to be Lionette's and is now Don Otto's, but it's probably worth giving them a call.

                2. Chestnut Farm listed prok belly on their sign at the Arlington Farmers Market this week. Not sure if it is a standard item but I bet you could call and arrange for them to bring it next Wednesday if the Arlington Farmers Market is convenient for you (Weds 2-6 pm). Or maybe they are at other markets that work better for you. Chestnut Farm 413-477-6656.