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Aug 2, 2010 08:10 AM

Country Markets - The best of the best

We just returned from a visit to Port Hope over the weekend and stopped on the way home at Price's Country Market in Bowmanville. What a great little find. The BEST corn ever!!! You could eat this stuff as is - so sweet and tender. Also wild blueberries, strawberries that taste like candy, fresh beans. Love the place. The people were very nice too!

What little gems have you discovered this summer?

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  1. I love the elora market, billed as the world's smallest. It's in a wee park and there are maybe 12 vendors, all of them kind of eccentric. It's a great day trip from T.O - neat shops & restaurants, and if you are into driving, there is an excellent foodshop in the Fergus Market, and some organic dairies and cheese manufacturers in Arthur; all towns that are close to Elora.

    1. I like Grandma Lambe's for yummy pies, en route to Sauble Beach, McGregor PP or Tobermory.

      When the inner city congestion gets me down, I take my kid to Whittamore's Farm for the day. I like the farm market and pick your own. Great butter tarts too.

      When I lived in Guelph, I always enjoyed the farmers market.