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Aug 2, 2010 07:22 AM

Cochon Butcher

I finally made it here over the weekend after reading one rave review after the next. Butcher does not disappoint. I'm not a huge Cochon fan since the food doesn't usually appeal to me and I had reservations about Butcher, but it's fantastic. Had the BLT with Kurabuta bacon, arugula and tomatoes. The boyfriend tried the house-made hot dog with "the works" - homemade chili and coleslaw on top. Both were excellent. The potato chips were light and crunchy and just salty enough. The boyfriend also raved about the sweet potato habanero sauce. Definitely worth a trip.

930 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, LA 70130

Cochon Butcher
930 Tchoupitoulas, New Orleans, LA 70130

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  1. Recognizing one might argue they are apples and oranges, Stein's, Kosher Cajun, and even Martin's are higher on my list than Cochon Butcher.

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      With the exception of Kosher Cajun, which I don't care for at all, I would agree. Butcher is great for the niche it fills, but if I'm looking for a deli style sandwich, I'm going to Stein's or Martin's. I think you're right to point out that it's sort of comparing apples and oranges. I don't think Butcher is attempting to replicate a Jewish deli. Still, great sandwiches.

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        What is this Martin's you speak of?

        1. re: Mytah

          Martin's Wine Cellar, on Vet's in Metairie. They are getting closer to re-opening the original location on Carondelet Street, but still no announced date as far as I know. There is also a smaller shop on Magazine St. that sells some prepared foods and cheeses, but does not have a kitchen/deli counter. All that said, I greatly prefer the sandwiches at Stein's over Martin's. The booze selection at Martin's is pretty much unparalleled in the metro area, however. In my opinion, of course.

          Carondelet Cafe'
          222 Carondelet St, New Orleans, LA 70130

          1. re: uptownlibrarian

            A guy I know in the Metairie customer service dept. told me look for the fall of 2011 for the Baronne Street re-launch.

            1. re: sanglier

              Remember when they had something along the lines of "Coming Fall 2007" spray painted on the fence?

          2. re: Mytah

            Only the home of the best hamburger in new orleans! Good lord, I can't wait until they reopen the uptown location.

          3. re: latasche

            Considering that Butcher's speciality is pork, I think it's safe to say that it is definitely not trying to replicate a Jewish deli.


            1. re: overresearched

              ha! good point which I completely overlooked in trying to convey that they were entirely different

        2. I will heartily second the Butcher. We got three sandwiches -- eggplant reuben, BLT, and shrimp salad. All excellent and filling. Very bold flavors. And those chips are great -- they are dark, salty, and crunchy. Great place.

          1. It's probably not the sandwich at Butcher that you'd think would be stellar, given their focus on all things pork, but their turkey sandwich is -- I kid you not -- out of this world. It's probably the healthiest choice on the sandwich menu, which is what prompted me to order it the first time, and now my husband insists that one of us order it every time we go to Butcher, so we can split it. Whole grain toast, an avocado spread, sprouts -- all of the best variety, but the turkey that makes it outstanding. It is moist and flavorful in a way that no turkey I've had in a sandwich has ever been. I don't know what they do to those birds -- I'm assuming brining the hell out of them is involved, and possibly something unholy related to bacon -- but it works. If you're headed to Butcher and you want something a little light, I highly recommend (obviously).

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              yep, they are good! had one last visit... not many places do a great turkey sam, but theyre one.

            2. I rode my rental bike from Canal St. to Cochon Butcher on a hot steamy August Saturday afternoon. There was a line of people waiting to order but seats were available at the bar. So I skipped the line and parked myself at the bar - for a cold beer.

              For lunch I ordered a Moroccan spiced lamb wrap with cucumbers, Tzatziki, and chili oil. After one bite of the sandwich, I unrolled it. The flatbread was soft and tasty but carbs aren't going to fill me up. The lamb had plenty of fat to keep it moist and tender - more moist than the lamb I found in Marrakesh (which was cooked in an underground pit). The sandwich was by no means "stuffed," which is a pity. I should have ordered another one but I had already ordered a muffaletta.

              As with the wrap, I discarded a layer of bread and ate the muffaletta as an open faced sandwich. Every time I go to NOLA I order a muffaletta but it's never been all that exciting. On my way home, I picked up a muffaletta from Central Grocery (cheaper and bigger than Cochon) and neither are better than a good Italian sub/hoagie from the shore (Delaware/New Jersey).