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Aug 2, 2010 07:02 AM

Best cinnamon rolls in Chicago?

Are the best cinnamon rolls in Chicago really at Ann Sathers or are there better ones elsewhere?

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  1. I really love the cinnamon swirl rolls at Fox & Obel. While they're not the most cinnamon-y rolls, they use a rich dough and they're just heavenly.

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      I actually tried one of these over the weekend. It's not a gooey type of cinnamon roll, but it's really good.

    2. My husband and I took quite a hike over one Chicago trip to have the famous ann Sathers ...and we thought they sucked. Just a goopey, sugary mess. I guess to each his own.

      1. Ann Sathers' cinnamon rolls can be decent, and they can be horrible. Even when they are decent, they are not the city's best by a long shot. I'm not really sure how they've been given such a lofty status. It's nice that they come with a meal if you go there, but cinnabon is better. I'm sure there are a bunch of bakeries and specialty shops that have way better.

        1. Yolk's Cinnamon Roll French Toast is worth the visit. Their pecan roll is even better!

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            >> Yolk's Cinnamon Roll French Toast is worth the visit.

            You really liked it that much??? I though it was extremely ordinary, something you'd find at a mediocre diner.

            In any case, it's not a cinnamon roll. If you're interested in great French toast, see this article: (And yes, Jerry's really is that good!)

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              I liked it enough to say it was worth a visit - no more/no less. It is a Cinnamon Roll - just griddle fried to be "French Toast." :-) There are much better breakfasts in Chicago, but I thought that was a clever dish.