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Aug 2, 2010 06:37 AM

Local Farm Eggs - North Shore

I'm catering a breakfast this weekend, and would love to use some local, farm-fresh eggs. I saw some at the Marblehead Farmer's Market a little while ago, but that won't work - it's held on Sat., same day as my breakfast. Does anyone know of a good source, preferably in the North Shore area?

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  1. Tendercrop Farms on Rte. 1A in Newbury has their own eggs as does Seven Acre Farm in North Reading.

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    1. re: Gio

      Newbury would be a bit more of a drive than I can spare right now. Too much to do in preparation for the event on Saturday. North Reading is closer, though - would like to find someplace even closer, but if I can't, I'll go there. Thanks!

      1. re: threedogs

        Seven Acre is open until 6pm and you pay by the honor system so have some small bills and change with you. Do not be alarmed that the cartons are not refrigerates. Fresh eggs have an invisible outer film that keeps them airtight so they don't spoil as fast as processed ones that have been washed. Put them in the fridge at home. There is also some fresh produce - haven't been there in a while but the best corn I had in 2008 was from there.

    2. I think it was Cider Hill Farm that had those eggs at the Marblehead Farmer's Market. See:

      Cider Hill Farm
      45 Fern Ave, Amesbury, MA

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        I think Cider Hill is where we used to get our Christmas trees when my kids were little - I'd love to visit them sometime, but I think I need to find someplace closer.

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          Cider Hill sells their eggs on Tuesdays at the Saugus farmer's market in Cliftondale.

        2. Green Meadow farm in Hamilton is closer and you can meet the chickens that laid them. Organic too!

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            I love Green Meadows (have my CSA share there) and the eggs are wonderful. Seven Acre in Reading is about half the price of GM, though, just in case that's of concern to the OP.

            1. re: fesenjan

              Yes, price is very important - but are the eggs at Seven Acre in Reading as tasty as GM? My daughter is getting farm eggs now (she's in CT) and she tells me the difference in taste is amazing.

              Amazing is what I'm aiming for. Hoping to impress & please w/this breakfast/brunch. Going to do everything homemade - baguettes, muffins, a couple of different preserves I'll make this wk, cinnamon rolls, the usual breakfast meats - even got some pork belly at Super 88/Hong Kong Supermarket in Malden today to make into bacon (was a bit too skinny for bacon, but hopefully it'll be fine), along with an assortment of fruit. Fresh farm eggs would really be great added to the list.

              It'll be easier, time-wise, if I can find someplace that sells fresh eggs as close to the Lynn/Swampscott area as possible. Sad to say, there are no chicken farms in Lynn - that I know of! (I did see two HUGE wild turkeys the other day right outside of Vinnin Square in Swampscott, though, taking their time crossing the road (presumably to get to the other side...)

              1. re: threedogs

                Hi threedogs, I work in Newburyport and live in Marblehead. I'd be happy to pick up eggs for you at Tendercrop if you like. You'd just need to come by my house to pick them up. Wednesday night and Friday night are the two nights that would work with my schedule.
                Email my alternate address -- - if you're interested.

                1. re: redbird

                  OMG, you are so sweet! I've actually been so busy I haven't had a chance to check this thread. I'll email you privately. :D

                  1. re: threedogs

                    Check your email for any update!

                2. re: threedogs

                  Seven Acre's eggs are outstanding! Deep orangy yolks. The whites can be loose if they are from older hens but that does not affect taste.

                  1. re: greygarious

                    I was at Seven Acres in North Reading last week and bought 2 dozen jumbo eggs. Their jumbo eggs are now $2.75 a dozen. The price went up 25 cents, probably due to the price of chicken feed. Their eggs do have a deep orange yolk. You can taste the difference between farm fresh eggs and store bought eggs. Seven Acres is open Tuesday-Sunday at 9am. They are closed on Monday.

                    1. re: buffet king

                      Was there yesterday:

                      2.50/dz large
                      2.75/dz X-large
                      3.00/dz Jumbo

                  2. re: threedogs

                    Hmmm. Good question. Having had both, I'd personally put it this way: GM's eggs are absolutely amazing, and Seven Acres' are great.

              2. The best local eggs are from Maitland Mountain Farm in Salem and can be purchased at Milk and Honey Green Grocer in Salem. They are located at 32 Church Street, behind the courthouse. You can really taste the difference, amazing!

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                1. re: drewinmrblhd

                  <The best local eggs are from Maitland Mountain Farm in Salem>

                  That's quite a claim! While I agree that local, non-battery-raised eggs are better than those from big agriculture, I would not presume to declare that any particular farm's were better than what other regional producers sell, especially since I have not sampled them all.