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Aug 2, 2010 05:24 AM

Where to buy sushi-grade fish?

Does anyone know where to buy very very fresh, sushi-grade fish in Paris? Definitely not the fish stand at my local market! I'm sure there's a way to get it without waking up at 3am to go to rungis. I would highly appreciate any clues!!

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  1. How about the fish shop connected to the restaurant Dome in the 14th arron.

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    1. re: Nancy S.

      Poissonnerie du Dôme has excellent products but is way overpriced.
      Go to market streets like rue Daguerre, rue Poncelet-rue de Lévis, or streets with a lot of food shopping like rue du Commerce or rue Lecourbe. Any large fish shop will have choice, good quality and high turnover.
      Poissonnerie Quoniam on rue Mouffetard.
      Daguerre Marée - 9, rue Daguerre.
      Lecourbe Marée on rue Lecourbe.
      Most fish stalls on street markets.
      Poissonnerie Ledreux on avenue du Général-Leclerc, near métro Alésia.

      1. re: Ptipois

        But do any of these stock "shashimi grade" fish? I have found that shops (not in Paris) that sell it offer it as a separate service rather than simply picking out a nice piece of fish. My inclination is to suggest that as decent shashimi is so tricky to find in Paris none of the fish shops will stock the right quality of fish. The other thing to worry about is whether the staff are trained in shashimi fish, one of the skills is inspecting the fish for parasitic worms. This is not an issue with cooked fish so not a common skill, unless the OP is.

        1. re: PhilD

          "Sashimi grade" is a notion that does not exist in French poissonnerie. So you'll have to do with the best and freshest fish that the best poissonneries, some of which I mentioned, have to offer. Your shopper's judgement and discerning eye will do the rest. I recently bought a wonderful piece of marinated mackerel in a Korean shop near Palais-Royal which was not labeled "sashimi-grade" but deserved it. I buy sashimi-grade fish all the time without the label.
          (Decent sashimi can be found in Paris, see the sushi thread. Nothing like Tsukiji market but who would hope for that?)

          1. re: Ptipois

            Yes, there are some subjective definitions of "sashimi grade" and some highly debated technical definitions. I am happy as long as the fish is fresh, which is unfortunately, more than what can be said about most little sushi restos here. I'll go check out the places you mentioned above, and hope the fish is better than my local market and the market by Edgar quinet.
            Btw, what is this Korean shop near palais royal?

            1. re: kerosundae

              It is called K-Mart, in the lower part of rue Sainte-Anne, on the right-hand sidewalk. They have an interesting meat and fish section (meat cheap, fish expensive).

              1. re: Ptipois

                I'll second that; nice assortment of stuff.

                1. re: Ptipois

                  I get my nato beans and "silk" tofu there.

                  1. re: Ptipois

                    Thank you!! can't wait to go see!!

                2. re: Ptipois

                  ""Sashimi grade" is a notion that does not exist in French poissonnerie" - I agree I never saw any. Lots of great, very fresh high quality fish, but is any sashimi grade? My local fish market (not in France) has very good fresh fish that is easily on par with Parisian shops, and they also sell "sashimi" grade fish. It is interesting to see the quality difference between really good quality fish and sashimi grade. It is also interesting to see the price difference, yesterday, good tuna was $26 a kilo, but sashimi grade was $66 to 88 a kilo (and it wasn't toro) ...!

                  IMO sashimi is one of those foods that has become quite common and as a result lost much of what made it special in the first place. When you find a good outlet the difference between regular and good is like night and day, I always wonder how many sashimi lovers have had that epithany.

          2. There aren't many ways. If you don't wake up at 1am, then you have to buy your fish from someone whoe does. One such person is Christophe at La Poissonnerie de Passy inside the Passy covered market.

            (3 is too late for good fish -- le pavillon de la marée opens at 2 and all good fish is gone by 2.30. As your usual dealers come at 5, so they can do both fish and vegetables at the same time, they get the lesser quality fish. Also, you can't buy fish there unless you're a professionnal)

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            1. re: souphie

              My mother in law has been able to buy seafood and produce from rungis as a non-professional, but really, I'd rather have someone like Christophe do the waking up and me just doing the eating =). Thank you so much for the suggestion I'll pay him a visit this week.

              1. re: kerosundae

                This week? Ca va pas la tête? No one is here until way later in the month. Certainly none of the good fish mongers, as far as I know.

                1. re: souphie

                  Oh crap, forgot it was august!!! Grr--why do I insist on loving a country where people have regular vacations...?

                  1. re: kerosundae

                    Poissonnerie Bleu on rue des Martyrs is open all month. 2 minute walk from chez moi, that's why I love this country.
                    Try the weekly markets. When we went Sunday morning to the St Eustache one, it was busy as always.
                    But my cheese guy was gone. Broke my heart.