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Aug 2, 2010 04:27 AM

The Pier Restaurant - Newport RI - Is it worth a visit?

We would like to dine at The Pier Restaurant on an upcoming visit. Please let us know your thoughts. Thank you.

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  1. We went to The Pier Restaurant on Monday even9ng. The meal, the atmosphere, and the service was excellent. We would highly recommend the restaurant to anyone visiting the Newport area.
    My wife had the fried clam dinner. The batter was light, not a bit greasy, and the clams were sweet and tender.
    I had the “Pier Platter” (baked codfish, stuffed shrimp and bay scallops). The fish was light and flaky; the stuffed shrimp was rich and buttery; and the bay scallops were tender and sweet. Both meals came with a side of steamed vegetables and a choice of potato.
    The service was excellent. Used dishes were removed at a comfortable pace, and the water glasses were kept filled. We will definitely return again.

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    1. re: Dana1949

      Has The Pier been there for a long time? I used to go there when I was young, but wasn't it open under a different name for awhile?

      1. re: Alica

        The Pier is now under a new chef / owner. It's worth a visit.

    2. I went for lunch solo last week, sat at the bar, had the lobster roll. It was delish- overflowing with lightly dressed lobster meat. The mojito was yummy and I had fun chatting with friendly people. Don't know about dinner, though.
      Joan from DC

      1. Went there 2x since spring, first for a Friday happy hour where they had reduced prices on raw bar at the bar inside. great deal and very tasty! Also went for a few drinks this summer and had a cheese platter that wasn't great, but sitting outside is always nice.