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Aug 2, 2010 02:01 AM

Nice lunch near the market?

Will be in Nice on monday, and yes I know it is the Brocante that day. Any ideas for lunch nearby? Also any Ideas for St tropez or nearby I know I know I must want my head looking at , but have house guests who want to visit.

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  1. The more interesting nearby restaurants, Don Camillo Creations, Keisuke Matsushima, Flaveur and Millésime 82, are all closed for Monday lunch. If you want to be on the Cours Saleya, try Safari. There are a lot of little restaurants in Old Nice with traditional specialties. Walk around and see what intrigues you.

    Yes, you are mad to drive to St Tropez in August. Try to get on the road as early as possible. Much of the crowd parties late and gets up late. Park in the big lot at the entrance to the village.

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      I will try Le Safari. thank you Re St. Tropez yes I always park at the port car park and I will indeed get them there early, I always eat at Table du marche which is o.k but wondered if there was some lovely hidden gem?

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        Four years ago we lunched at Le Girelier. I have no idea if it is still good, but my report then was very enthusiastic:
        "The lunch was terrific, something you’d hope for in a fish shack along the coast. I started with grilled red peppers in garlicky oil with an excellent anchoïade and toasts. Linda had a good fish soup. I then had eight fresh grilled sardines with confit tomatoes and garlic and a bowl of cracked wheat. Linda had a grilled dorade, which was their fish of the day. We finished with a Tropezienne, the creamy local dessert. The menu was 39 € @."

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          Thanks will see if it is still there.