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Aug 2, 2010 01:36 AM

What to do with cooked chicken?

I have a lot of nice chicken meat picked off the bone, left from a marathon stock-making session. (It's winter here in Australia and chicken soup is in big demand!)
There is lot of meat, and it won't be needed for the soup.

What can I do to pep it up for a weekday family dinner?

The meat is tender and appetizing, but doesn't have as much flavour as it could - all the deliciousness has gone into the stock. But it is still much too good to waste.

Any and all ideas gladly received!

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  1. you can use it in a stir fry, a stew (basic, thai or maybe indian) or if you want to use it cold you can mix it with mayo and whatever seasoning you like (garlic and herbs or curry and honey maybe) and have it in a sandwich.

    1. It'll make good salads.

      The cold chicken I have in the fridge right now is going to be mixed with diced celery, cucumber and onion, and tossed with a youghurt based dressing seasoned with dijon mustard, lemon juice, paprika garlic and salt. Sometimes I'll do it with yoghurt cumin, lemon, garlic and coriander, or yoghurt and Indian lime pickle.

      You can toss it with cooked pasta, canned diced tomatoes, sliced black olives, and some crumbled feta cheese and a bit of garlic, lemon and olive oil for a fast pasta meal.

      Chicken Caesar salad - toss it with creamy Caesar dressing to perk it up a bit.

      Add it to beans and rice, with Mexican seasonings.

      1. i adore this curry chicken salad -- esp. served on a croissant. the curry powder + soy sauce creates some powerfully delicious umami, and the mayo makes it creamy. add water chestnuts and almonds for crunch, and grapes to offset the creaminess with juicy bits of sweetness. best if made ahead. just a fabulous and easy recipe.

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          This approach sounds ideal - a boost of umami, which is really needed - and taste and textural contrasts to counterbalance anything the chicken may lack.

          The only problem is that it is winter here - cold, miserable and wet, and I don't think anyone is in the mood for a salad!

          So maybe I should take the principle elements of the salad, and try to use these to create a hot dish...a pilaf, perhaps? Or a riff on beans and rice?

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            it is a very substantial salad. i'd be happy to eat it in winter, but you know your family. if you do deconstruct it, let us know how it turns out. it might be good in a brown rice pilaf -- with some extra nuts, too. instead of the fresh grapes, you could use some raisins.

        2. I often make risotto with arborio rice and chicken stock to which leftover chicken is added just before serving. My wife is of Italian heritage and she requires it to be very creamy so much butter and Parmigiano Reggiano or Pecorino Romano is added to the risotto also just before serving. Traditional Italian seasonings add flavor to the dish.

          Buon appetito e mangia bene!

          1. risotto sounded good, and thats warm

            chicken pie r great during the winter and easy to make too..

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              Chicken a la king. Chow Mein. Chicken and dumplimgs and of course salad.