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Aug 1, 2010 10:30 PM

Sunday and Monday in Copenhagen

I've just learned that I need to be in Copenhagen, a city to which I have never been, next Sunday and Monday. I have learned that many of the better restaurants are closed on Sunday and Monday. I would love any recommendations for great food, but also with a lively or even a hip buzz, that are open o either of those nights...expense is not an issue for these two nights....Many thanks!

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  1. For a nice buzz come by where i work at PatéPaté i Ködbyen, open monday nights.
    Classic seasonal food.

    1. How about Aamans Etablissment. I believe it's open on Mondays.

      1. Yes, quite a few places will be closed, but you should still have some decent options.

        For one of the nights, I would consider either Herman (closed Sunday) or the Brasserie at Nimb (has a nice terrace overlooking Tivoli), combining this with a visit to Tivoli.

        For something hip, Umami has great cocktails, good Japanese-inflected food, and a very modern design:

        Under the same owners, MASH Steak is very popular and lively, as well.

        If you want something lively, the Bar and Grill at the Custom House is usually pretty busy. The food is decent enough, but not particularly special. But if the weather is nice, the outdoor section is pleasant.

        Closed on Sunday, but open on Mondays is Restaurant Koefoed, which is very good, as well, but not overly lively.

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          Thank you for this detailed list....very helpful!