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Aug 18, 2005 02:09 PM

Tantalum - Long Beach

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Has anyone had the experience of dining here? Good/bad? What are your opinions. A friend of mine keeps talking about this place but she is the only one that I know that has been.

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  1. my wife and I had lunch there two weeks ago. The service was slow but the food was great. I had the calamari po' boy and my wife had the fish of the day. We ate at the bar. The view was great.

    1. It was rather noisy (and very trendy), but the food was outstanding. Fantastic seafood! The calimari appetizer was quite tasty and my entree (swordfish) was perfectly prepared and artfully presented.

      1. I think the food is "OK", but the bar is fantastic. Very cool bar area with a great view. I've gone a few times just to hit the bar before dinner.

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          Richard in L.B.

          Had late lunch there with a party of 4 and found the place quite nice. Decor and atmosphere as well as view on the marina outstanding. Food was different and very interesting but not fabulous. The Calamari appetizer is a must! Menu on the pricey side, service very good.
          I will go back.

          1. I stopped in yesterday, mid-day, after seeing the other responses to this post and finding myself in the area.

            It was fairly empty, as expected for the hour; excellent, friendly service at the bar. I tried the highly recommended calamari appetizer---very good. Made with strips of squid "filet" which, according to the bartender, are fed into a special tenderizing machine. They're breaded with what looks like panko and served with cashews and two side sauces. The breading isn't crispy; it's not a take on the Italian style. I liked it a lot.

            I also had the "Kobe" burger, with Maytag blue cheese. Cooked med. rare, as ordered. Came with a lightly dressed cole slaw and battered fries. Nothing was wrong with any of these, but I think there are probably better things on the menu.

            Pretty good selection of draft beers and list of frou-frou cocktails; some sounded very tasty.

            The decor is beautiful, everything is from Indonesia---if you've traveled there you probably have many of the same things in your house (I do, at least).

            The view? Well, it's a view of some condos and boat slips, with a lot of kayakers paddling about. Beats looking at a wall, for sure, but I guess I don't find it that special for Long Beach. I always recommend Chelsea at the Queen Mary for the view because you're looking back at the city and it's quite nice at night. But the interior at Tantalum is quite lovely.

            I'll be going back.

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              The pomegranate martini there is really good, for a "frou frou" drink. Stay away from the vanilla cherry one, though. Bleh!