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Aug 1, 2010 09:23 PM

Recs for Korean cookbook or Web site?

I'd appreciate any suggestions for good cookbooks or Web sites to help me learn to make some Korean food.

I've gotten some good ideas for a couple items on this board. But I thought there might be another resource I could use to learn more.

Thanks for anything you can suggest!

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    Great instruction, recipes, and videos. One of the best Korean sources out there IMO.

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      Our own hannaone on this board is fabulous! Check out his/her posts...just made the Korean Fish cake soup posted by hannaone ... very good! I also love maangchi...she also has a facebook page...she is absolutely adorable and funny! Also love the quirky music in her videos! What helps a LOT in her videos is when she shows you the package of the ingredient used in recipe...then I know approximately what to look for at the Asian grocery store I go to.

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        I love (Mr.) hannaone's post "A Guide to Bibimbap (Korean mixed rice)" He's a he!


    2. I would also recommend CH's own HannaOne. Just type in his name under the recipes section of chowhound or under this home cooking section. He has been very generous with his recipes. Also, his recipes are written with great detail so even a newbie to Korean cooking (like me) can make his dishes. HannaOne has also been gracious about answering questions about products and clarifying recipes. I really enjoyed his bibimbap recipe. You can make any of the namul's separately too as ban chan. I also love his Oi Saengchae - Sweet Seasoned Cucumber recipe. It is gently sweet and very refreshing.

      1. The Cookbook of the Month for August is the Complete Asian Cookbook, which has a chapter on Korean cuisine. You might consider snagging a copy of the book from the library and join us this month.


          1. Thank you all! I've already bookmarked "A Guide to Bibimbap" and will certainly search out more of Hannone's posts.

            I really appreciate the suggestions and will definitely check out the videos. I like the idea of seeing the packaging so I know what to buy.

            I've enjoyed Korean food in restaurants, but don't know much about it. I'm inspired now because my friend's husband is deployed to Korea for a year and his family is just back from visiting for a month and they loved the food. So she's interested in learning and we're making it a group project. I've cooked lots of other ethnic food before, she hasn't. So we're both learning!

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              Check out this Korean recipe blog by a Korean mom. It also has an excellent bibimbap recipe with great pictures.