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Aug 1, 2010 09:20 PM


sad to see Brad go, am getting very fed up with Aarti - very one dish wonder.

why was Giada wearing the same black dress from last week?

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  1. I was so hoping it would be Aria not Brad.

    I figured Aarti was safe at least one more week even though she screwed up. Susie essentially called her out on her waffling, but I was kind of surprised to hear Bobby call her "high maintenance". For weeks I thought this was Aarti's to loose, now I'm not so sure.

    Tom's tale of 2 tunas *was* inspired. Loved it. Also loved Herb's dish, but agreed with the "W" going to Tom.

    1. Kind of figured it would be a guy, just so they could have two boys/two girls in the final. Last week I figured it would be Tom but of course his "story" was great this week.

      However, I for one am heartily sick of the "Stories" being of more importance than the food. Bring a tear to Susie's eye if you want to win this sucker.

      Which is why I like Ann Burell. She has some (many?) annoying speech quirks, but her stories consist of "this is how we roll at the restaurant". And her food looks good and her technique is viable in a home kitchen. Good enough for me!

      1. Aarti is getting on my nerves but unless you consider Indian food "one dish", she has made many different dishes, different preps, different meats, etc. She made a lamb pilau, mango chutney yesterday. She's never done it before. I find that flower in her hair distracting. Wish she'd do something else, wonder if she's using it as her trademark.

        Tom is growing more and more on me. I was surprised they kept Aria over Brad but he never developed much of a camera personality and his food, though he is the pro as he keeps saying, was not consistent and often bad. I'm glad he finally ditched the "pro" view as something new and different--what an insult it would be to all the pros on Food Network, especially with Bobby Flay and Giada as judges!

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        1. re: chowser

          I had a feeling Aria would get it over Brad just cuz she won the first part of the nite so since neither of them were great in the 2nd part, she had the edge. Too bad. Her kid was a cutie tho. Kind of funny to see Brad and his "dude" brother whereas everyone else is crying with the kids and SO's.

          1. re: Joanie

            I wasn't surprised they kept Aria over Brad, not in the least. He's the better cook, but she has the better presence. As charming as Brad is, he still hadn't reached the point where he could "turn it on" the way Aria and Aarti can. So, from that point...yeah, I understand his elimination.

            Tom's been growing on me too. That jealousy story about the tuna was a riot!

            Herb -- eh, I'm really not sure about him. I like him, but I've never been wholly convinced that he can consistently deliver.

            I LOL'd at Bobby's remark about Aarti being high-maintenance. I agree with him. And yay for Susie slapping her down to earth!

            1. re: xo_kizzy_xo

              You know, I was really sad to see Brad go because he seems so likeable, but Brad's food hasn't been that consistently good, which is really inexcusable for someone who "dubs himself the pro chef." The salmon he served to Wolfgang Puck was good (even though Brad knew the quality of the fish itself was subpar)...the dish he served at Sinatra's house was good, and the chops he at the underground LA restaurant were good, thanks to Herb's idea to slice and grill them. But, Brad has had at least as many food misfires as he has had successes, perhaps more.

              I am so glad Tom won. Loved his dish and the story that went with it.

              I agree with you that Flay's "high-maintenance" criticism of Aarti and Susie's remark that there won't be a team of therapists propping her up and fanning sunshine at her were exactly what needed to be said. Once again, Aarti isn't used to losing and once she lost in the first challenge, it sent her on a tail-spin for the second. But, I still don't get how "Aarti Paarti" is a POV. Bleh. The more I listened to her last night longing for her "mum" the more it reinforced how juvenile I think she is.

              I agree with you about Herb. People keep talking about his "star quality" and I just don't see it. I see desperation when I look at Herb. His "highs" are uncomfortably manic for me and his lows are painful to watch.

              There is still something about Aria I like. I wish she could pull it together. I think she's too much of a people pleaser and is making the mistake of letting the feedback she's getting push her away from who she really is.


            2. re: Joanie

              I shouldn't have said I was surprised Aria stayed as much as I would have liked Brad to stay over her. I felt bad for Brad since he only got his brother. What about parents? Friends?

              I also think, since they told Aarti that they don't have therapists before each episode and she needed to pull it together, that they should have told Herb the same thing. Herb has had even more ups and downs. Anyway, I don't think I'd watch a cooking show with any of them as hosts. But, then, I haven't really watched any cooking show w/ the previous winners.

              1. re: chowser

                HA! Totally agree that Herb needed the same pep talk, although, he doesn't seem to pout and whine in quite the same way, expecting that others will come smooth his feathers. He just internalizes it, causing himself to bomb.


          2. I don't like Aria, although I can't pinpoint exactly why. Perhaps it has something to do with her forced, all-too-desparate delivery? I'd much rather invite Brad into my home than Aria. And I am soooo over Aarti. Talk about a princess! That pout, that whine....grow a set & stop playing the little curried flower!

            I'm still not sure that Herb has a consistant focus, although he is likable. I think it's Tom's to lose. Of all of them, he is coming off as the most genuine, the most natural. And of all of them, he is the one I'd tune in to watch.

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            1. re: PattiCakes

              I agree it's Tom's to lose at this point. He needs to figure out what to do with his hands when he's talking though. I hope he can pull it off. I did not like him at all in the beginning, but he's grown on me.

              I think Aria can be either super natural and comfortable or really forced. I think when she's being herself, she's great, but when she's trying to adapt herself to please the selection committee she's awkward.


              1. re: The Dairy Queen

                ITA. Tom was in it to win it this week, and had a great story and great food. If he keeps going like this we'll see him take it all. :)

                1. re: jujuthomas

                  I think I might actually watch Tom's show. He does seem to have the cooking chops. As much as I am interested in the idea of Indian cooking, something about Aarti puts me off a little. I'd rather watch Spice Goddess on Cooking Channel. That woman is actually a cookbook author. She seems a little more credentialed than Aarti.

                  Speaking of CC, they have quite a few interesting shows--I'm enjoying Luke's Vietnam, quite a bit.


                  1. re: The Dairy Queen

                    I need to find CC in my cable channel array and make a point of visiting. Unfortunately it's not in the "cluster" of channels I usually watch, so it's going to mean creating a new habit to force myself to get there. I love ethic cooking shows, and it sounds like CC has them. Thanks, TDQ, for reminding me!

                    1. re: The Dairy Queen

                      I'm going to have to look for Luke's Vietnam! :)

              2. I just don't see Herb. I think the one gal -- can't remember her name -- is the one convinced he's got "star quality." He doesn't; he's dull to watch, stumbles over his presentations, and hasn't had a good outing yet. Are they bowing and scraping to his "personal trainer / eat healthy" approach? (Guys -- here's a hint: I don't tune into Food Network to learn how to "eat healthy.")

                Tom's story and dish knocked it out of the stadium -- the best performance yet in this series. I am growing to like him a lot.

                My wife doesn't like ANY of the female contestants. And she noted it was funny that Aria went to Aarti for comfort after her vow to "Pearl Harbor" her when she was running the group meal.