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August Farmers' Markets, CSAs, Farm Stands etc.

This is month of plenty on our farms. We celebrated with great food from local growers

Today my husband and I shared a meal with friends. We are Stillman's chicken, local corn, Atlas Farm potatoes, barley from Four Star Farms made into a tabouli with herbs from my rooftop herb garden, tomatoes, cucumbers, and scallions from Atlas. Even our Gelato was local.

It was a great meal.

Who ate local foods this weekend?
From what farms or CSAs?
Did you visit a farmstand?


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  1. make that "we ate"- ah but I do need an editor!


    1. I finished my bucket o' blueberries from "Al" at the Central Sq farmer's market. I love that dude's blueberries - that's about 4 lbs blueberries in a week or so.

      I also had Austin Bros. Farm's grass-fed beef last night for dinner (rib-eye) - interesting. My first taste of grass-fed beefsteak. Nothing to do with the quality of the meat, so much as I'm deciding if I like the beefier, almost gamier, taste of grass-fed beef. The meat is so much leaner though! And I appreciate the more normal portion size.

      I have eggs all the time, and I finished off farm fresh eggs from Austin Farms as well for breakfast and dinner.

      I have corn and garlic from one of the stands waiting for me at home (can't remember which one). My sister also passed along some local carrots and eggplant from her CSA share.

      Not a farmer's market, but I had homegrown scallions, zucchini, and Chinese chives. YUM!

      1. Last night we had a Stillmans chicken cooked on the grill, with new potatoes, carrots, and onions from Verrill, and a salad of tomatoes and basil from Verrill and fresh mozzarella from Vermont. Saturday night we had chipotle pork burgers with ground pork from Stillmans, cilantro and green zebra tomato from Verrill, and buns from Nashoba, along with corn on the cob and zucchini from Verrill. Good eats!

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          Talk to me of the ground pork from Stillman's -- I was on the never ending quest for ground lamb (which they do very well but they never have in Union Square) and was offered up ground pork instead. Looked pretty fatty to me, and I like fat. How is it?

          I ended up with a package of Canadian bacon instead, and man that stuff is great.

        2. Picked up corn, tomatoes, eggplant and eggs from Allandale Farm Saturday. Corn was out of this world!

          1. Waltham Fields Community Farm - Saturday's pick-up was substantial - arugula, 2.5 lbs. of tomatoes, 1/2 pint of cherry tomatoes (pyo), pint of green/yellow beans (pyo), garlic, eggplant, cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, 6 ears of corn, and more....

            1. I bought eggplant and basil from Atlas Farm, ricotta and mozzarella from Narraganset Creamery and made eggplant rollatini last night with a shaved zucchini salad (also from Atlas). The ricotta from Narragansett is amazing!

              1. Gotta give a shout out to Chestnut Farms, which has a meat stand at the Arlington market on Wednesdays. Two weeks in a row I've had terrific meat from them -- chicken leg quarters last week, and ground goat this week. The goat made AWESOME burgers last night. I'm looking forward to trying their lamb as well.

                I wish I could get Stillman's meat at the Arlington market, but Chestnut Farms is an excellent substitute.

                1. Sweet corn from Parker Farms CSA is so sweet and good, absolutely plain, it made me teary. I made a fabulous salsa with fresh corn, roasted tomatillos and tomatoes, also from Parker CSA.

                  Yesterday I picked blueberries at Honey Pot Hill Orchard. When I got home I did a side by side taste comparison with blueberries I had bought at the grocery store (from Texas or somewhere yonder) and the fresh picked ones were so much better, the store ones shouldn't be called blueberries. Not surprising but interesting nonetheless.

                  I am in mid/late summer local produce bliss.

                  Honey Pot Hill Orchards
                  144 Sudbury Rd, Stow, MA

                  1. Drumlin Farm brought shallots to market this week. I made a shallot-butter sauce tonight with them and the flavor was excellent. Wonderful addition to the local food scene.