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Aug 1, 2010 07:14 PM

Know where I can find veal kidneys and sweetbreads?

Hello all, I'm planning on making two dishes in a few weeks featuring veal kidneys and veal sweetbreads. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to find them? I've been reading some previous posts on here and see that H Mart or other Asian markets may carry offal, but a few people have said that sweetbreads are not a part of Asian cuisine. I called The Organic Butcher in McClean, VA and the guy told me they can't get veal kidneys. Also, if I am unable to find veal kidneys does anyone have an opinion on substituting another animals' kidney (ie lamb kidneys instead of veal?) Will the dish change dramatically? Thanks for all of your help !!

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  1. I'd call Union Meat in the Eastern Market.

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    1. re: hill food

      Hill food - you rock. Union Meat has them in stock regularly. Thanks so much!!!

      1. re: G_love

        thanks, but it's Union that rocks IMHO

    2. Would love to hear you report back on your meal! :)

      I love sweetbreads but have never cooked them myself....