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Aug 1, 2010 06:26 PM

Best in San Antonio with vegetarian options?

My boyfriend and I are spending labor day weekend at the Westin LaCantera and we are looking for a few restaurant suggestions! Here's what we're looking for:

Something not super far away from the Westin (we'll have a car, but don't want to spend tons of time in it).

Something cheaper than the restaurants at the Westin (the point of going out is partly to save a little money)

Something somewhat unique to San Antonio (I live in Houston and he lives in Austin, so don't send us to something that we could get in one of those places).

A place with some vegetarian options (he's a vegetarian).

Something delicious!

Other than that, we are open to pretty much any cuisine and level of "fanciness," so send us to your favorite hole in the wall or local hangout or romantic date night place.


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  1. You really have only one truly vegetarian option in SA. and that's "Green" located in the downtown area, probably at least 1/2 hr. drive from LaCantera. That said, in the shops
    at LaCantera there's a P.F. Chang's, which will offer some vegetable items, but how strictly vegetarian they are, I can't say. Across from Chang's, there's a good Italian...can't remember the name right now. There are probably more options in that center, but I'm not familiar with all of them. If your s.o. eats fish, there's the Watermark Grill, just east of
    you on Loop 1604 & Stone Oak, which I hear good things about. Enjoy your stay.

    Watermark Grill
    18740 Stone Oak Parkway, San Anotnio, TX 78258

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      Thanks! I'll definitely look into the places you suggested.

      It doesn't need to be a place that's only vegetarian - just a place where he'll have a couple options.