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Aug 1, 2010 05:38 PM

Last night in Vegas--we want to shoot the works!

We will be going to Vegas in about 3 weeks for our annual trip. (It's probably our last for a little while; I think our youngest is old enough for us to try Disney next year. Normally we send her to "grandma camp.") On our last night we want to do a really special dinner and can't decide where. We have reservations at Aureole for our third night. We love Craftsteak and are always happy to go back, but thought it might be fun to try something new. Alex is closed that week. I've already been to Prime and wasn't overwhelmed
. What are your favorites for a real blowout? Many thanks.

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  1. Are you sure about Alex? They were just closed for two weeks in July and I have a reservation for early September.

    Anyway, you might want to consider Joel Robuchon. They have an array of prix fixe options.

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      I've thought about the food I ate at Joel Robuchon almost every day since I ate there last month. Also, eating there induced a new recurring dream where I got orders of "canard" (duck breast and foie gras with cherries, almonds, and cherry jus, the single best dish I have ever eaten) take out and try and get people in my dreams to try it to see how great it is. I don't mean passing thoughts, either, I mean ruminations similar to reliving the best sex you've ever had. Definitely a blowout.

      Guy Savoy was amazing too, but I haven't had recurring euphoric dreams about it yet.

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        "duck breast and foie gras with cherries, almonds, and cherry jus, the single best dish I have ever eaten"

        I felt the same way about "Le Homard" (Roasted lobster on pilaf rice and caramelized sea urchin with oriental essences") ... best entree ever for me. The day after we dined at Robuchon we began checking the net for air and hotel deals so we could return and do it again (booked in late August now).

        If the Canard is still on the menu I'll try it next time!

    2. Have you considered Picasso at the Bellagio? We also go there for special occasions.

      3600 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV

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        I had a so-so dinner at Picasso, and some really great dinners at Le Cirque (if you're looking at restaurants at the Bellagio).