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Aug 1, 2010 04:20 PM

Looking for recipes using Ras-al-Hanout

Hello all,

i bought some fantastic ras-al-hanout but have yet to make good use of it. Can anyone recommend some good recipes for using this fantastic spice?


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  1. Rub on some salmon fillets, wrap in aluminum foil and pop on a medium grill until done. Time varies depending on the thickness of the fish.

    1. This roast chicken with Moroccan spices (the rub for which includes ras-el-hanout) is pretty stellar:

      1. A couple summers ago, a friend came over before our 4th of July party and invented an amazing appetizer. She shredded all the meat from a rotisserie chicken (of course you can roast your own), added a generous amount of ras el hanout (probably two tablespoons or so), s&p, and about a 1/2 cup of toasted pine nuts. We used this mixture to stuff filo triangles, brushed with plenty of butter and baked until golden brown. They were a huge hit, and I'd make them again if I had a party of people to serve them to!

        I mix up my own ras el hanout, and usually end up using it on boneless skinless chicken breasts. It's also great stirred into couscous or as a rub for just about any meat you can think of. I've attached a picture of my chicken breast with ras el hanout -- goes great with mixed greens and a ripe, sliced nectarine!

        1. For those of you that want to know ras-al-hanout is a morrocan spice blend with several ingredients and apparently every shop owner in Morocco has his own recipe. For a better definition go to this link:

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            If you want to mix up your own ras-el-hanout, I really like the one here (ingredients and instructions contained within this recipe link):

            ETA: It's still good, even if you don't have all the spices listed.

          2. My local chocolatier, Tschudin Chocolates, makes a chocolate with ras el hanout. So know that you can roll on the sweet side with this spice blend, too!