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Aug 1, 2010 04:17 PM

Pace Picante Sauce not kosher anymore?

My wife just bought a 2-pack a few days ago. New packaging, and as we discovered today, a few days after we had opened it, with no hechsher. Nothing on their web site, so I googled,and found a May 2010 notice from the Houston Kashrus Association that they were no longer kosher certified. Meanwhile, we're assessing the kashrus status of our keilim, since we've used a lot of the stuff.

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  1. Dawned on me this week also. And bizarrely enough, I didn't get one email about it and I read all of those kashrus alerts religiously, no pun intended. I know KOAOA used to oversee them, and then the OU absorbed that. Do you think the OU dumped it?

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      By the time it had been absorbed by the OU, the kashrus status of everything was basically good, so I would doubt that the OU dumped them. Perhaps they didn't want to pay the additional expense for the OU (if indeed there was one), as the Koshe Overseers of America was one of the least expensive certifications around. It is owned by Campbells Soup, which has only some of their products kosher certified.

      1. re: ganeden

        I think Campbells dropped the certification on their vegetable soup.