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Aug 1, 2010 04:02 PM

[Cambodia] Phnom Penh recommendations?

I'm going to be in Phnom Penh for a while and would appreciate any recommendations. Am interested in street food and higher end places, but am not particularly looking for western fare.

Since I arrived I've been eating at Psaar Cha every day and loving it. Where else should I explore?

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  1. Okay,since no one else has anything to say, I'll start adding some info as I get it. Turns out I was eating at Psaar Kandal (not Psaar Cha) and there's a lot of great local food there.

    Other places of interest:

    Yumi ( St 288
    Japanese fusion restaurant run by Australian (I think) expats. Really nice atmosphere and tasty food. Small dishes meant to be shared tapas style. I particularly liked the Yumi roll with kimchi, beef and tempura outside. Most items are non-sushi and the sushi doesn't involve raw fish. Expensive by Cambodia standards but quality of food is very high and the same meal would cost twice as much elsewhere in the world. Was $14 per person including drinks.

    K'nyay ( Suramarit Blvd near Independence Monument
    Many Cambodian classics but served in a really nice atmosphere with more delicate cooking and higher quality ingredients than you'll find in local Khmer places (it's also more expensive at about $5 per main). Loved the char kreung with chicken and banana curry. Extensive vegan menu and food is served with wild rice. Highly recommended.