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Aug 18, 2005 12:41 PM

Izakaya: Haru Ulala or Izayoi or ?

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Looking for recommendations for the best Izakaya in the downtown area.

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  1. as much as i love izayoi - ulala is better for izakayan dishes. i would give izayoi some more time to settle its menu offerings for the time being.

    1. Any new advice on this? Going tomorrow night and don't know which is going to be better. Help!

      1. izayoi is more of an upscale, small plates experience with a decent sushi bar to boot. haru ulala is grimey, fun and cheaper, but probably a little more spartan and rough around the edges, especially when it comes to the food. it all depends what you're looking for!

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          rameniac, I think your comparison is quite accurate. I have been to both, and Haru Ulala is a too "grimey" and base for me; I did not enjoy our meal there. Our noodle dish was too sticky to eat, and some of the other items were well below expectations.

          On the other hand, I really like Izayoi! they take great care with their presentation; service is good and everything we ordered was really good.

        2. Best food is what I am looking for. Price not as important. Room and service count but not 1/10th as much as food for me.

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          1. re: PlanDan

            If you just want a top class meal, go to Izayoi. You can't even compare it to Harulala. Izayoi also has beer on tap and a nice sake selection as well.

          2. i would say go to izayoi then. overall, it has the superior food, you just lose the "down home vibe," which is what i'm all about.

            btw dan can you email me off the site? had something i was curious about... my address is in my profile.