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Darn! I did it again! (Forgot about the chicken in the fridge)

Who else has done this...you buy raw chicken; you put in in the fridge, intending to "make it" within a day or two; by the time you remember it, it's two or three days past the best before and the stinking mess has to be tossed into the garbage!

I HATE that! Especially given that there are starving people in other parts of the world!

How can I make sure I don't forget next time?

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  1. I don't put it in the fridge. I take out what I plan to cook that night and put the rest in the freezer.

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      I do this, too. Portion when the meat arrives home and stick everything in the freezer. This is especially handy for a light brine/marinade for bone-in chicken - I usually go very light on the salt if I brine on a Sunday night since I know that the meat could go as long Friday night before roasting. I've only ever had chicken go bad once, but having left the meat in the fridge only overnight (and really, for less than 24 hrs), I tend to blame that one on the organic, local, whatever chicken - never bought chicken from there again!

    2. Oh I do this all the time! It's very annoying, especially given the high price of chicken breast. Maybe paste a giant note on the fridge saying "EAT CHICKEN"?

      1. Have a stand by slow cooker recipe handy. If you buy the chicken on a hopeful day, but then everything goes to h-e-double-hockey-sticks in a handbasket, you have the presence of mind to chuck the whole thing into your slow cooker with a jar of emergency salsa/broth/chipotles in adobo/marinade/pepperoncini/tomato sauce/etc and buy yourself a couple of days to eat it all. Or at least that's my fallback. When I get cranky, I braise with whatever random stuff is kicking around the kitchen, and then chuck it into the fridge.

        1. I've done this with meat, not so much chicken. It sucks! I like the note idea.

          1. We have a dog. He is the beneficiary of any stinky chicken.

            The best way for me to remember is to leave other ingredients i'm using with the chicken/meat out on the counter where I can't miss them.

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              "We have a dog. He is the beneficiary of any stinky chicken."

              ROTFLMAO! All to true in our hosehold as well.

            2. A CH post like this reminded me to use my Saturday chicken last night. Phew!

              1. I never buy meat that I don't intend to cook the day I buy it, or the next day at the very latest. If something comes up and dinner plans change, it goes into the freezer immediately.

                But that's my city-guy advantage - with four supermarkets, including a Whole Foods and a Trader Joe's, within walking distance (not to mention a farmers market in season) I shop daily for almost everything.

                1. It happens to me very occasionally too, and it makes me feel terribly guilty. I do not have a dog at home but have some soup recipes that call for some strong herbs and spices and a couple hours of cooking. I have managed to use slightly slimy, whole chicken with these, without significant changes in flavour, after rinsing them with scalding hot water first.

                  Generally I try to put the ingredients with vulnerable shelf-life at the front of the fridge, right at eye level, so that they will call me whenever I open the fridge.

                  1. Threw out the most beautiful, monstrous ribeye the other day because I forgot all about it. I'm still losing sleep over it, because I got it for a great price.

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                      We need a support group for this!

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                        How long did it sit in the fridge? Unless it smelled rancid I would cut away any dry spots and cook it. Meat is kept for weeks in drying chambers which are less cold then your fridge and higher in humidity.