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Aug 1, 2010 02:53 PM

nice lunch with a 3 year old, Saratoga Springs to Lake George?

Going on Friday to a wedding at Lake George. We're looking for a place to stop along the way for lunch. Anywhere from SS to Lake George. All cuisines are fine. We will have a 3 year old with us. He likes fries and pizza and rice with soy sauce and pasta.

We'll also have my mother-in-law with us and she likes "nice" meals (i.e., sitdown service; not burgers; her favorite foods is grilled salmon).

Any ideas? If this helps, our point of origin is Rhinebeck and he (and we) love Gigi's, so a place comparable to that would be great.

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  1. I don't know Gigi's, but do live in Saratoga.

    Two safe bets are
    1) Max London's for great wood fired pizzas and many other nice dishes or
    2) Mrs. London's (less formal next door) for great quiche, yummy tomato bisque, various sandwiches and amazing breads and pastries.

    Both have outdoor seating and are right on Broadway so you could stroll around if you wanted to.

    Another, different option would be Ravenous (on Phila St) for crepes and excellent french fries.

    Max London's Restaurant
    Saratoga Springs, NY, Saratoga Springs, NY

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      Mrs. London's does not have table service (MIL prefers "sitdown service") and not sure they have anything on their menu that the 3 year old likes. That said it's one of my favorite casual lunch places in S. Springs.

      bdgregory's post also reminded me of Scallions. Though I've never seen 3 years olds at either place for lunch. It's track season so I'm sure there are more little ones everywhere.

    2. How about 50 South, on Rt. 50, just south of Saratoga Springs? Upscale diner food, , sourced from local ingredients, served nicely, crayons on the table, really good grilled salmon, decent wine list.

      Fifty South Restaurant & Bar
      2128 Saratoga Rd, Ballston Spa, NY 12020

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      1. re: PSZaas

        Agree with @PSZaas on the 50 South rec. It's a bit off the beaten path and by appearances alone you may be inclined to drive right on by, but the food is consistently good and they are very child-friendly. We go there frequently with our two children (ages 3 and 6). They also serve breakfast all day, which is nice b/c pancakes are a big hit with the youngsters.

        Also agree with @FDR that Mrs. London's may not be the most child-friendly option. However, we go with our kids quite frequently for lunch and make it work because we really enjoy the food. You do have to order at the counter, but they bring the food to your table. Even though it is a breakfast item, we always get the yogurt/granola/fruit bowl for the kids. They also love the tomato soup and like to dip the crusty bread in it.

        1. re: bdegregory

          How far off from the main road (9 or is it still the thruway?) that we'll be taking up past Albany to Lake George is the restaurant? Is it just a few miles or more? From the website, it sounds like our best option but I don't want to do too big a detour.

          1. re: adorno

            Fifty South is about 3.5 miles from Northway (I-87) exit 13. I like the place, but on second thought if I were a non-local, I'd probably prefer to eat on/near Broadway in Saratoga for the downtown location/atmosphere.

            As I mentioned upthread, Max London's has pizza and a really unique menu. My girls enjoy the pizza margherita. They've also done an off-menu pasta with butter for our kids as well. Then you could walk next door and grab some world-class pastries or dessert to-go from Mrs. London's. You'll just want to bring your own coloring book for the 3 year old b/c they don't supply them.

            Haven't been to Scallions in quite a while, but have heard good things and it seems like a viable option as well.

            Max London's Restaurant
            Saratoga Springs, NY, Saratoga Springs, NY

            Fifty South Restaurant & Bar
            2128 Saratoga Rd, Ballston Spa, NY 12020

            1. re: bdegregory

              My only worry is that a friend told us there's a very big race at S.S. this weekend so I am worried about dining in town. Maybe 50 South would be easier.

            2. re: adorno

              You can get off the N'way one stop earlier at Exit 12, and drive through historic Ballston Spa on your way to 50 South. Hardly out of your way at all.

          2. re: PSZaas

            Had dinner at Fifty South for the first time last week. Friendly service and love the focus on local farmers and sustainability. Nice to see to go containers that are biodegradable. Very friendly and welcoming vibe. Appreciate attention to special dietary needs. Vegetarian and vegan friendly place. Service was very good. Now on to the food:

            olive tepanade and saltines - tapenade was a little too vinegary for us


            local beets, chevre served on a bed of organic greens tossed with champagne vinaigrette

            calamari - very good, cooked properly. SO got a different dipping sauce then he ordered. We didn't tell our server.


            pan seared duck breast served on a bed of wild rice with sesame orange sauce with a hint of heat topped with rapini. It would have been nice if they told us the rapini was replaced with spinach.

            SO has the Thai bowl with noodles and fish. SO could have handled a little more heat. He had the leftovers for lunch the next day.

            We also had a bottle of wine and SO had coffee and dessert (don't remember what). Wish they had espresso . . .

            A good dinner. May go back for breakfast or lunch.

            Fifty South Restaurant & Bar
            2128 Saratoga Rd, Ballston Spa, NY 12020

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