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Aug 1, 2010 02:31 PM

where to buy kaffir tree?

Hi guys,
Just went by Tropica on Broadway and Central; they don't have any in stock and don't plan on it any time soon...anyone know another place that would have kaffir lime trees?

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  1. You might try Baker Nursery (40th St/Osborn, Phx), but I would be surprised if they have any in stock right now. It seems they receive most, if not all, of their citrus plants in late winter/early spring, so something might be sold out by now. Best to call ahead.

    1. Call John Babiarz at Greenfield Citrus Nursery 480.830.8000. They have a very large selection of citrus trees in many sizes. If they don't have one, my money says they'll know who does or will get one for you (no, I'm not his mother. I've just had many dealings with Greenfield Citrus Nursery over the years, bought lots of trees and always been pleased).

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        I ordered mine online about three months ago. It came with one nice leaf branch grafted onto the root stock. . . it will be a long time before I'm using those leaves in Thai recipes. As I recall this is the same way I acquired my last tree (when I was living in New Orleans) and eventually it grew into a lovely strong tree.

        Better if you can get a larger one locally. Unfortunately the guy on Central said he is not getting any citrus plants from Southern Cal right now because of the latest citrus disease that is hanging out in the Yuma area.