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T&T Waterfront Night Market

Anyone have information of what kind of food there will be? Looks interesting,I'm thinking they will probably have the same vendors from the taste of Asia,which will be great,I just love that feeling of an open street market.

Here's a link:

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  1. Vietnamese sandwiches, B-B-Q / satay skewers, stinky tofu, fish balls, charbroiled cuttlefish, chicken wings, bubble-teas....etc. The USUAL yummy (?) street food.
    BTW, there will be entertainments like stand-up comedy shows etc as well!

    1. This is probably like the east-end versions around Pacific Mall--go for the vibe and enjoy the food but dial back your hyper-foodie sensors. It's really more about the atmosphere. Just dig it.

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        I hope they have a vendor selling Jiang Bing crepes.

      2. Have you been to the other night market that we had a few weeks ago in Markham? I wonder how this will compare....if its going to be in the T&T parking lot, it will be a lot smaller in size and also parking will be much harder....not sure how its going to turn out, but I intend to go and see for myself anyways.

        The one a few weeks ago had a stall making those crepes you wanted, but IMO I watched them for a couple minutes and they did not seem to be making them very well so I passed.

        You can find these at other times in Toronto though....there was a thread a while back and I posted that they regularly had them at weekends at Sunny Supermarket and also at Oriental Food Mart on Denison (at least the times that I went there on weekends).

        1. And of course, Loblaws is one of the big "sponsors" for the event. As per the promo postcard.

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            doesn't loblaws own t&t now? seems quite natural to me that they'd be a sponsor. i'm sure they're just going to get all the vendors as the other night market.

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              Yup. I've noticed an expanding merch assortment in the Miss. store since Loblaw's came aboard. Hopefully they'll stay smart enough after the merger to let T&T be T&T and not muck it up.

              1. re: Kagemusha

                I was at T&T yesterday for the first time since returning, and noticed that they now have a lot of "Certified Angus" branding on the beef, which seemed to be the biggest change.

                1. re: tjr

                  Yeah, I buy it at Middlefield. Brisket at a good price, and boneless beef ribs, which were exceptional.

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                I kind of assumed that since its a T&T event, that most of the "vendors" would actually be stuff made in-house by T&T themselves.

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                  it's actually run by na@ap (north american association of asian professionals) with t&t/loblaws as a sponsor/venue provider. they'd likely get a limited number of booths out of the 60 they're supposed to have (i'd guess 5 at most) as part of their sponsorship package. they're likely getting a nice fee for each booth especially if there isn't "ticketed" sales. they'll need to recover costs and having t&t take it over wouldn't let them do so.

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                    I am looking forward to this event as well. The free shuttle bus route is not up yet as I was planning to take the free ride back and forth. Well Loblaws has changed T&T they have already reduced the hours for some stores as far as I can tell.

              3. I heard about this event - any idea on whether or not it would be kid friendly?

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                  I'm going to take my kids (ages 4 and 7) right at the start of it on one of the evenings. I'm hoping that it won't be too crowded right off the bat and I'm prepared to leave if need be.

                2. I'll be there, hopefully it'll be better than the metro square night market.

                  I have a feeling it'll be a lot of the same vendors. Wei's stinky tofu, murtabak, etc......

                  They're def slacking on the shuttle info. I guess I'll have to bike all the way out there, hopefully there are enough bike posts for locking.

                  I spoke too soon, the schedule is up.


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                    if there's stinky tofu, i'm not going.
                    i still have nightmares about the Markham night market. man oh man, how i even tried a bite of it, i do not know....

                  2. My understanding is they have hired out the parking lot across the street for PAID car parking (the lot where the Cirque de Soliel tent was the last time.

                    1. Warning: DO NOT take the shuttle bus.

                      I was waiting at the city hall stop. And you have to "sign up" for a spot on the shuttle bus. It's a first come first served kind of thing. And there were only 15 spots at the City Hall stop. Buses are scheduled to come once an hour.

                      I decided to call the "shuttle hotline" and that was a mess. The girl on the phone was too busy shouting things to the people beside her to speak to me, I don't understand why she picked up the call in the first place?

                      The 7:55pm bus didn't come, I left at 8:40pm and it still hadn't arrived yet.
                      Also, if you were waiting for the next bus which was at 9:05pm... that probably wouldn't come until 10pm.

                      They told me they only had one bus, so good luck getting back from the market.

                      Don't TAKE the SHUTTLE BUS. Pay the extra token and take the bus from union station! (or don't go at all)

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                        Well that was insanely busy! The food was ok, the line-ups were huge and the fun bus (aka the shuttle bus) was not so fun, because it was full and would not take us. That said, it was an interesting experience.

                        1. re: presencegirl

                          "Only 15" at city hall? at Radisson Hotel at 6:30 they only let TWO people board before it was full!

                          When leaving I asked some volunteers at the Info Desk and they were clueless about when and where the shuttle would appear.

                          1. re: Teep

                            Earlier in the week I emailed them about the shuttle. So after my experience I wrote them again, and they replied "I'm sorry that there was a problem getting on the bus. As this was our first time in running the event, it was difficult to judge the demand for the service Yesterday, we had more buses running shorter routes, which helped address the wait and travel times. " So it's good to hear they're trying to improve.

                            1. re: Teep

                              T&T will be responsive.
                              The bean counters at Loblaw will keep a close watch, although they have to be impressed by the numbers of people going to this event.

                        2. We went tonight (Friday) and got there at around 6:30 pm. There was a wait to get into the parking lot, which was $5. Once in, there was a lot of parking. The line ups were long at some of the popular stands including Kashmeri BBQ (lamb skewers, lamb briyani, roti), the tornado potato (not worth it, the potato wasn't seasoned and it was just kind of limp), stinky tofu and the popcorn chicken and tofuyaki (chicken and tofu were very good if you have the patience to wait for 1.5+ hrs). if you looked around, there were some stands not as busy but still decent. There was a Thai dessert stand that sold mango sticky rice and curry puffs that were pretty good and they were not busy at all. There were also run of the mill ice cream trucks (2), churros stand, and a roast corn stand. Those were not busy at all. While not run of the mill, there was also pulled pork and jerk chicken, not usually what you think of when you think "Asian".

                          All in all, it was kind of fun. Although, if it was a real Asian night market, there would not have been 1.5hr waits.

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                          1. re: ivxu

                            Thanks for the report. Are you saying the individual line ups were 1.5 hours long? Eeps. Just curious, what time did you leave and was it busier or less busy than when you got there? We were thinking of heading down around 9 tonight.

                            1. re: peppermint pate

                              I saw 100+ people in line for stinky tofu at around 8pm.

                              1. re: Teep

                                We were there last night at around 8:00 and were horrified by the lineups. It seemed to us they may have underestimated the size of the crowd. There should have been 2-times the space, and at least twice as many vendors to make it worthwhile.

                                We brought our 2-year-old, so waiting in such long line ups was not really an option. We had to settle for food with shorter or no lines; we shared oysters, thai from pi-thom, churros, Susur's "famous" cheeseburger springrolls, and some Philippine pastries. Nothing wowed us, or even came close. We were certainly not full.

                                A very disappointing outing for us to say the least. We finally filled up with a satisfying panzerotti and foldy-slice from Bitondo's on the way home. Yum.

                                11 Clinton St, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

                                1. re: Delish

                                  We got there at around 8:30, saw the lines, and then left. I couldn't bring myself to join the 1.5hr lineups. We ended up going inside T&T but their food counters were already ransacked. The stinky tofu was extra stinky and some people were munching on it while in the store, so you couldn't escape it.

                                  For those going this weekend, I will echo what others have said: go early and forget the shuttle. We and a bunch of other people waited for the non-existent shuttle until we were directed by a volunteer to the 72B Pape on Bay/Front, which also never arrived. Everyone at the bus stop just ended up taking a cab.

                              2. re: peppermint pate

                                I would estimate that each of the line ups for the popular stands such as stinky tofu and tornado potato and popcorn chicken to be 1.5hrs each. Having said that, since some of those stands converged (I believe they were T&T owned stands), we observed that some people would line up for the potato, and then also get popcorn chicken. That definitely was a bit unsettling to witness!

                                We left around 9:15 pm. The line ups still seemed pretty long at that point even though the parking lot didn't seem any fuller than when we first got there at 6:30 pm.

                              3. re: ivxu

                                Almost begs the question, which is the bigger waste of time and money this weekend? Waterfront Night Market or Taste of the Danforth?

                                Thanks for saving me the trouble of coming into town for either of these events! Glad I skipped them!

                                1. re: TexSquared

                                  Having gone to both on the weekend, not that either were particularly good, I would say that the TnT Night Market was lesser of the two. We arrived at about 6:30 find exceptionally long lines... not surprised to hear that some were 1.5 hours long. I would not wait that long for any dining experience. Looking at the food served up by the stalls - we were not particularly impressed. Think you could better by going in the grocery store and ordering from their hot cafe. We stayed a few minutes, went to the store to buy bubble tea supplies and left.

                              4. We also went Friday night. The venue was smaller than the one in Markham but I guess since it's the first time in a new space hopefully the next one will be better. The lineups were very long and the food choices were... well... ok. The roti at Kashmiri BBQ was cold and not what we expected. A store-bought pita stuffed with small pieces of chicken and lettuce wasn't worth the $5. Susur Lee's Cheeseburger Spring roll was good- for $5 you get a crunchy spring roll stuffed with a ground meat and cheese mixture wrapped in Boston lettuce - all served in a paper cone. Gotta try it once! What was good value was the green coconut drink for $2. An actual young coconut that is opened in front of you. So juicy and refreshing! The rest of the choices was pretty standard- curry fish balls, stinky stinky tofu.. I guess that since Loblaw's bought T&T they had to be there handing out their "President's choice chicken skewers. Nice view of the city at night by the water as you munch your way through the choices.

                                601 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1M5, CA

                                1. All these stories sort of confirm my worst fears: that area, though technically very close to the downtown and to my condo, is very difficult to get to on the best of days without a car. As soon as I saw the shuttle schedule with its half hour intervals between buses I feared trouble. Would be great if they could move this to another location, maybe at Harbourfront or some other more central location with better established transit and facilities.

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                                  1. re: Gary

                                    T&T won't move these events away from their stores because of the promotional value.
                                    If there were condos on Cherry St. the transit would be better.

                                  2. I agree with the comments by many here. The only reason I went was because I was able to catch a ride. Definitely not worth doing if you have to take a shuttle. I was there on Friday night and the lines were crazy long. The fact that they posted that they expected 10,000 visitors over each night seems to me that it was poorly planned. One would have expected that the parking lot space be utilized a bit better with more stalls (more than one of the same would have been fine) to help ease the lineups.

                                    I felt sorry for one of the summer drinks stalls - there was no lineup since Friday night was quite chilly compared to the previous day's heat. Yet, even at 10pm the lines were fairly lengthy at most of the popular food stalls. One can only hope they learn from this and plan a bit better next year.

                                    1. I went on Friday and I had a really good time. The shuttle bus service is terrible, but I was lucky enough to catch a ride from a friend who was running late anyways. If you're hitting it tomorrow, I suggest going as early as possible. Parking was fine when I went, but the crowds grew quite quickly after 9PM (I went at 7:30PM). Line ups are long, but if you go with a bunch of people it's not bad and you can line up for different booths at the same time. I had a really fun time, and I went with fun people which is pretty key for any food fest...

                                      Chowhound only lets me share my blog/photos if I copy and paste the review...so here it is. Hope people don't mind the length taking up this thread. The direct link is: http://cookiesandtomatoes.blogspot.co...

                                      Chef Susur Lee's Famous Cheeseburger Spring Roll ($5
                                      )These were surprisingly tasty, and how often can I try something from Susur Lee for $5? We bought 5 of these guys and they were mm mm good. The lineup moved pretty quickly, as the chefs were efficiently creating 12 at once and weren't slowing their pace to drag the line on. Ground beef spring rolls wrapped in fresh lettuce. Thumbs up!

                                      BBQ Skew ($2/1, $5/3)
                                      The line up for this stand was horrendously slow. However, the idea of trying beef tongue, lamb, Angus, and beef skewers was too tempting to pass up. Lines like this are why going to food festivals with a decent number really helps :)
                                      We grabbed a couple of each - the lamb was good, but the beef was way overcooked while the tongue was not grilled enough. Perhaps I've been spoiled by Black Hoof's beef tongue, but the tongue was too chewy - somewhat rubbery, a little tough. The beef was really tough, and the kabob ends were inedible. Definitely not worth the wait, especially since excellent lamb kabobs were offered at a smaller booth near the centre of the market. Speaking of which...

                                      Lamb Kabobs ($3/1, $5/3)
                                      These were much more tender, juicy, spiced than the BBQ-Skewer booth. The line was up was quicker, and none out of the 12 skewers that we snagged were over cooked! You can get them spicy or non-spicy. Get 'em spiced, you won't regret it! My friend said that these were cooked like kabobs found in a certain region in China - very glad we listened to his suggestion!!

                                      Thai Pastries, Desserts, & Fruit Drinks!
                                      Next to the Lamb Kabob booth was a Thai vendor offering mango sticky rice, an assortment of Thai candies and pastries, as well as fruity drinks. You can choose from an assortment of juices (Mango, Coconut, Longan) and add jellies/longan. I liked the mango juice a lot more than the coconut juice with, and they were quite generous with my jelly
                                      My friend tried the Thai pastries, which she liked but didn't recommend purchasing considering all of the other treats surrounding us, so the rest of us skipped out.

                                      BBQ Puffer Fish & Fresh Squid
                                      Right next to the entrance, the BBQ Puffer First & Fresh Squid stand has an incredibly long line that is tortuous for three reasons:

                                      1. It's right beside the stinky tofu line. Eau d'tofu-stank; perfect for the post-Night Market night out
                                      2. It moved ridiculously slow - as we creeped closer and closer to the front my friends started to notice that they were only grilling a few skewers at once (I didn't spot this because I was in the Lamb Kabob line at the time)
                                      3. ...I personally didn't think it was worth it

                                      BBQ Puffer Fish - Tough to eat, not much flavour
                                      Tough like dry jerky, it just had a fishy taste covered in sweet sauce. I have a suspicion that I might like it a lot more if it was re-hydrated then cooked. Only 1 out of 6 of us really enjoyed it.

                                      HK-Style Stinky Tofu
                                      I was actually quite surprised with this tofu - I usually hate stinky tofu. I've tried it twice - once at a friend's house and another at the Metro Square's Night It Up! Both times, squishy stinky-tofu juice just overwhelmed me and I found myself hunting for something else to eat to quickly mask that taste! However, this version looked spongier with an appetizing sauce...and it was good! Just enough "stink" to enjoy the flavour, and nothing squishing into my mouth. I don't know if I just got a couple of bad batches before, or maybe the Taiwanese style is just that different. Either way, I'm glad that I gave it a third chance.

                                      Korean Rice Crisps ($1)
                                      Fresh rice crisps shot out of the little machine, just like the ones I saw in South Korea. Yum, I love fresh rice crisps. Covered in chocolate, cream, and fruit this was a quick and tasty treat...good for snacking on while waiting in line. I managed to snap a picture right when it was popping out! I'll admit that the joy in these crackers is mostly nostalgia though - and there was virtually no line up. Don't hassle yourself to grab one.
                                      Creme Brulee ($2)
                                      I'm not a fan of creme brulee in general, so I'll let the brulee-lovers decide whether or not if this dessert is good for themselves.

                                      Spicy Hotpot ($2/skewer)
                                      This was my favourite stand of the night. Full of mouth-watering skewers, soups, and dumplings we snagged three servings of everything. It wasn't particularly spicy as the booth suggested but it was still great! The line-up was moderate relative to the other stands of the night. Faster than the BBQ Skewers and Puffer Fish booths, and tastier - this booth was the winner for variety, value, and taste. Since you get a lot of different skewers, the line is efficient...that is, if you're open to trying everything.

                                      Soup with mushrooms, seaweed, glass noodles, and chicken
                                      Yum. It might not look like much, but we all loved this soup. Very glad that we ordered two. Filled to the brim with mushrooms and bits of chicken, it tasted great and was perfect for the chilly summer night. My friend said that he heard that there was shark fin in there, but I'm not entirely sure...

                                      Fish Siu Mai
                                      I really liked these fish dumplings! I wish they gave us a bit more sauce, but they were also quite good with the fish ball curry sauce (below). Yumm...

                                      Fish balls in curry sauce
                                      Hotpot Skewers
                                      - The quail was my favourite!
                                      - Flavourful seaweed ribbons tied on the skewers
                                      - Shrimp & scallops. Boiled in the broth, they weren't rubbery. Yum!
                                      - Beef balls with fish cakes. My least favourite skewer, double up on quail instead!

                                      Boiled Lobster ($10)
                                      Squid Teppanyaki
                                      Tornado Potatoes ($2)
                                      (Recent visitors to South Korea may recognize this street treat, except these are made with Jumbo PEI potatoes)
                                      Tofuyaki, Jumbo Spring Rolls, Deep Fried Wontons ($2), & Taiwanese Style Popcorn Chicken ($3)
                                      Other Night Market treats...
                                      Grilled Chicken
                                      Spicy, fried chicken
                                      Jerk Chicken, BBQ Chicken
                                      Slushy pineapple drink...the usual coconut drink was offered as well

                                      Om nom nom nom...I had a great time at this market, and I'll definitely go back next year.
                                      I personally liked this market better than Metro Square's market for a few reasons. I'm easy to satisfy, and while Night it Up! certainly has more variety, there were more than enough tasty treats at T&T's Night Market with less of a crazy crowd. We'll see how crazy it is next year...

                                      Anyways, that's my review...the pictures that go along with each are here: http://cookiesandtomatoes.blogspot.co...

                                      Erin :

                                      601 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1M5, CA

                                      Metro Square Cafe Restaurant
                                      3636 Steeles Ave E, Markham, ON L3R1K9, CA

                                      The Black Hoof
                                      928 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

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                                      1. re: ekim256

                                        B.B.Q Chicken skewer was flavourful but WAY UNDERCOOKED!! Some pieces borderline rare in my case!
                                        B.B.Q Beef Tongue skewer was totallt tasteless!
                                        B.B.Q Puffer fish was inedible due to toughness!

                                        The 'Asian Food Night' event held outside Metro Square was a much greater success. Much more organized, more food booths and variation, some extremely yummy!

                                        Metro Square Cafe Restaurant
                                        3636 Steeles Ave E, Markham, ON L3R1K9, CA

                                        1. re: Charles Yu

                                          The chicken was undercooked?! That's a terrible faux-pas, sorry to hear that!
                                          The BBQ Beef Tongue skewer *was* terrible, I totally agree. I had an AMAZING grilled cheese sandwich with beef tongue day at Hoof Cafe to make up for it though...
                                          The BBQ Puffer FIsh was soooo tough...! Disappointed :(
                                          The Lamb Kabobs and the Hot Pot stand were yummy though...and the Taiwanese stand with popcorn chicken and Tofuyaki looked good...
                                          Night it Up is a little more organized, but the crowds can be overwhelming for me, and I still had lots of yummy treats from this night market. There is definitely more variety at Night It Up! but it's been around for awhile

                                          I'll admit though, that a lot of what makes food fests a success for me is the crowd that I go with - fun crowd = good times = lots of sampling = hedge the risk of being stuck with only crummy eats

                                          I say that if it's not hard for you to go down there with a few people, then it's worth the trip...if you go early enough to beat the nutty crowd.

                                          Erin :)

                                        2. re: ekim256

                                          the tufo we surve is a hong kong triditional style make stinky tufo see you next year 2011 in different night market ok remember is the hong kong style one ok

                                        3. I went tonight via bike so I avoided all the congestion. Overall the lines were very manageable, I assume it's because I went on a Sunday;

                                          The food itself wasn't all that great, but that's besides the point. Yes I know it's ch and it's all food nerd bloggers up in here trying to be the first to report on everything. What sold me was the atmosphere. It just reminds me of my childhood, I miss the scent of stinky tofu in public. Overall, fun times w/ a group of friends, walked up to mill st to have some pints afterwards to compensate for the lack of beer tent action.

                                          Surprisingly the best thing I had was the 碗仔翅 (fake shark's fin soup) from a T&T stall.

                                          They slathered way too much hot sauce on the stinky tofu btw, but I still enjoyed the stink. Susur's stall was dead the entire night, my friend said it was a waste of $5, I passed.

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                                            I went to this event on Friday night. I had a big dinner earlier and did not order or line up for any food. I was there mostly for the vibe / atmosphere. I have to say of all the food festival in Toronto. This night market has the best real estate in terms of VIEW at night.

                                            One get to look at the city skyline. In a good day, it is priceless.

                                          2. Hope the 'August 26th Night Market outside of Time Square in Richmond Hill' will fare better. Last year they have more b.b.q and stinky tofu booths than T&T's to choose from!

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                                            1. re: Charles Yu

                                              I've scoured the net trying to find some substantial info on the August 26th market. Does anyone have a website or link to share?

                                              1. re: munkdogg

                                                Sorry! Its on the 21-22 August!!!!
                                                Not sure about website but there's a huge banner erected outside of Times Square

                                              2. re: Charles Yu

                                                Are there any restaurants that serve stinky tofu?

                                                  1. re: Sam C

                                                    Thanks. I'll skip the long lines and just go there instead.

                                                    edit: And it's right by my in-laws! I'll stink up their house w/ tofu and they will love me.