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Breakfast in Burlington? (VT)

We're spending the night in Burlington, in a motel somewhere near the airport. Any suggestions for a good non-chain breakfast place? I always like getting corned beef hash when I go north. And places that serve real maple syrup with the pancakes are always welcome.

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  1. If you are staying over on a Saturday night, the Ice House, on Battery Street overlooking the water, has a decent brunch.

    Ice House Restaurant & Bar
    171 Battery St Ste 1, Burlington, VT 05401

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      The best breakfast, a busy place, get there early Penny Cluse on Cherry St.

      Penny Cluse Cafe
      169 Cherry St, Burlington, VT 05401

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        My favorite breakfast in Burlington is at Magnolia Bistro, particularly the lemon ricotta pancakes. http://www.magnoliabistro.com/

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          I second Magnolia. Just this weekend my family had brunch there and the food was definitely very decent. I had their eggs benedict, which consisted of two nicely poached eggs over tomatos and spinach on a slice of sourdough with hollandaise sauce drizzled on top. The sourdough was EXCELLENT. Panfried potatoes are on the side but I switched it to their house salad with tahini dressing, which tasted pretty normal, nothing too memorable. Magnolia is known for their use of local produce so the added freshness justifies the higher pricing for the most part.

      2. I agree, Magnolia's is very good. If you prefer an old time diner, try Henry's, est. 1925 according to my cofffee mug.

        1. Try Sadie's Deli. EXCELLENT breakfast. It is though sometimes so crowded that there
          is nowhere to sit and you must take your food to go. This is just an indication of how good
          it is and that the prices are quite reasonable. Alternatively, I think that Al's Frys opens at either
          10.30am or 11am for a late and delicious breakfast. (Al's only takes cash.)

          Sadie Katz Deli
          189 Bank St, Burlington, VT 05401

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          1. My favorite is Sneakers in Winooski...worth the short drive north.

            1. A little more upscale than Magnolia and Penny, but right on Church St for a great view of people strolling by, and with terrific hash and other breakfast specials is Leunigs. And really great coffee, too.

              Magnolia has disappointed a couple of us lately. Great inventive selections at Penny Cluse, but be prepared to wait for a table. (Sometimes easier to sit at their breakfast bar).

              Penny Cluse Cafe
              169 Cherry St, Burlington, VT 05401

              1. We will be passing by Burlington Vt this weekend in the early morning. We were planning on stopping in for breakfast. Penny Clause and Magnolia seemed to be the favorites in 2010. Can anyone confirm they are still front runners? Is there someplace else we should check out instead? We are just looking for a fun quirky place. We plan to be there around 10am and are willing to wait up to a half hour in line. Thanks!

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                  If you want quirky- then its Sneekers in Winooski- last August we had the most amazing ham and cheese stuffed "french toast croissant!
                  We are heading up there Saturday for a week- We stay in South Hero every August and try to find one or 2 new places every year.

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                    I'd cast my vote for Sneakers or Penny Cluse. Magnolia can be inconsistent at best.

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                    If you are in the area Sunday morning Bluebird tavern does brunch, best time for their place the prices are more resonable then. I also highly recommend American Flatbreads brunch but it sounds like it starts after you wawnt it to. For straight up breakfast you can't beat Penny Cluse, but the wait might be more than a 1/2 hour if you are there for 10. Sneakers wait time will probably be around 1/2 hour, they sometimes have you wait at the Monkey bar where you can have a drink while waiting.

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                      Thanks for the tips everyone! I'm going this weekend and I'll be sure to report back.

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                        Other choices...relatively new place (~2yrs old) that has greatly improved with time, The Spot on Shelburne Rd on the way out of town going south on rte7. Also there is Mirabelle's on Main St., which has wonderful pastries but also makes full breakfasts.

                      2. Jjust got back from Burlington and South Hero- Had breakfast at Magnolia's and it was delicious- smoked salmon eggs benedict with spinach, fresh tomatoes, and sourdough bread and my wife had a steak mushroom cheddar omelet- homemade strawberry jam- Was all a very nice experience.
                        We went on Tuesday morningso it was not busy- I cant speak to whether they are consistent when busy , but will try them again next year.Aa coule of friends are still up there and may try it- I will post their opinions.

                        1. You are not that far from the Inn at Shelburne Farms in Shelburne. Great local breakfast in a stunning inn on the lake- if you have a little time...it's like being at your rich old granny's house.