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Aug 1, 2010 01:14 PM

Blount Seafood products

Are there any places for consumers to purchase Blount Seafood products in the LA area? I have done some research and came to the conclusion that Blount’s frozen clam meat and broths are the best products for my recipe. However, all of the suppliers for Blount are wholesales distributors. Where can the consumers buy these items?

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  1. Don't think you're going to find it wholesale or otherwise:
    "Blount specialty clam products are used by other famous soup makers, restaurants and retailers alike."

    Best bet would be to contact the west regional rep.

    1. Hi willtian2,

      You might try:

      King Fish, Inc.
      414 S. Lake St.
      Burbank, CA 91502
      (818) 841-7918