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Aug 1, 2010 12:56 PM

Dipasquale's - why didn't I know this before?

Hubby and I stopped for lunch in Towson this afternoon. Walking along, we saw comfortable looking tables overlooking the Towson round-about (a dangerous spot I don't even like to drive thru) and took a seat. Friendly servers greeted us and a xerox copy menu in a plastic sheet holder appeared. Salads, italian style sandwiches and american style sandwiches on one side. I ordered the tuna on ficaccio and hubby got turkey/ham/cheese/bacon on white toast. WOW! my tuna was accompanied by a lovely salad with olives, tomato, cucumbers and dressing on the side. I ordered a cup of coffee and was given many options- capiccino or american coffee? dark or medium roast? milk or half & half? the coffee was also great. Signs in the window mentioned BYOB. We will definitely go back. Not sure if they have different offerings for dinner, but based on this one visit, I'm sure anything they serve would be created with care and passion- clearly someone who cares about food and knows how to put it together runs this place. Can't say enough good things- go there and try it for yourself- I promise you won't be disappointed!

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  1. Go to their market in Highlandtown Baltimore City - you'll love it

    1. I actually just saw that pace featured on the food network's "drive ins, diners, and dives and have been meaning to go

      1. Yeah, amazing prosciutto de parma sandwich at the Highlandtown shop.