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Aug 1, 2010 11:57 AM

Lenclume , Cartmel , Cumbria.... The 30 course challenge , Aug 2010

So my kids have all gone to Disney and Im stuck at home in rainy ole Cumbria .Being a bit of a foodie i decided to take myself down to Lenclume in Cartmel and have a fantastic "Me" day out.It was the first day of the new menus and it sounded pretty exciting stuff...

15 course Vegetarian menu , roots , shoots from chefs gardens mixed with locally sourced and wild produce from the region.

15 course Meat and fish menu , all regional and home grown again.

Sooooo without any hesitation i booked a table for lunch and also dinner......a 30 course gastronomic challenge which was so fantastic i cannot believe this place is hiding away in the middle of nowhere....Everyone needs to sample this chefs food....nowhere and no chefs are cooking like this in the uk to my knowledge.

Anyways....take a look , heres the pics ive uploaded on to flickr photo site...Enjoy....and please check it out.

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  1. Beats me why Simon hasn't got his second star yet.

    And as you like his food, I'm sure you'd also like the food at Fraiche on Wirral. Another absolute winner in the northwest.

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    1. re: Harters

      Harters ill deffo check it out , thanks for the tip.Im finally going to get to try the fat duck in 3 weeks , cant wait and then im gonna call in at Aiden Byrne on the way home....its my gastronomic august.
      Take care

    2. Alan - that is impressive, I take my hat off to you sir.

      1. fabulous! how did the staff react? and which menu did you prefer?

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          The staff loved it , mister piggy and his greedy day out...i even managed a couple of glasses of wine and the bread was too good to say no to also.
          Im no veggie by a long shot but i could have happily eaten that menu every day , and felt totally comfortable after the 15 courses , very light and full of different flavours.Highlights of the 30 courses were infact veggie ones
          Heirloom tomatoes and simple but with fabulous flavours...i experienced what a tomato should actually taste like.
          The tiny potatoes , potato skins , sweet onion puree and burnt onion ash was amazing.
          The sweet cicely ice cream with those strawberries ( Hertiage for flavour and prepared sous vide to pull in more flavours) was simplicity again and paired with the buttermilk cream was an eye closing moment.Im sure i was a talking point for other diners , sat there on my own savouring n sighing and in my own little magical amazing experience.


          Number 4 in the uk in the 2011 good food guide published today.
          Number 1 = Heston Blumenthal
          Number 2 = Gordon Ramsay
          Number 3 - Raymond Blanc
          Number 4 = Lenclume , simon rogan
          Number 5 = Nathan outlaw

          1. Great pics - Thanks for sharing and your report. Oh, and WELL DONE on completing your challenge - It must have been SUCH a chore! L'enclume is definitely nearer the top of my "must-try" list now (Although I may have to wait a bit longer after the publication of the Good Food guide)

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            1. re: YSL

              Conratulations to Simon Rogan and the full team at Lenclume in Cartmel , Cumbria.
              9/10 in the 2012 Good food guide and now rated at Number 2 in the UK.
              Well done guys.

              1. re: sped98

                Excellent result for them. Thankss for letting folk know, Alan.

                Proof, if proof was ever needed, that good food isn't confined to London.

                Second star this year at last, I won