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Aug 1, 2010 09:50 AM

Pho Hanoi in South Portland

I was so excited to see this restaurant open in restaurant deprived Knightville. Placed a take out order last week only to discover when I got home that 1). I had been overcharged and 2). half of the ingredients listed for the dishes I ordered were missing.
Very disapointing.
Anyone else had this happen?

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  1. Nope. Consistently good for us - we've been going almost every Saturday afternoon since their first week. If anything, there is a little bit of inexperience at the FOH. Give them another chance. The fried squid app is a must, as is any pho order - which is the only main I've had so far.

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    1. re: johnnydj

      Actually, we have been 4 times now. Had the squid app while waiting for take out. It was very good. Too hot to eat Pho this summer.
      I totally agree about the FOH.
      I must be a bit jaded as I lived in Seattle for many years and the Vietnamese restaurants there are incredible.
      We will go back but they have some work to do to stay alive in this neighborhood.

      1. re: sopo

        It will be tough even approaching Seattle's Viet scene West of, well Seattle, I'd imagine.

        There's another thread that mentions the unco-ordinated take-out/sit down menus. Also, I confused the numbering once and got a different pho, but I didn't mind.

    2. Yes, we went once for lunch do far and the food was great (but the service was a bit intrusive). I would go back in a heartbeat. I would tell the owner and see if they make good on it.

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      1. re: bewley

        My wife and I had a similar experience when ordering takeout. The list of ingredients on the menu did not match at all what we got when we got home. It was mostly a huge lack of vegetables as promised which is why we ordered it. I agree- way to hot to eat Pho this summer.
        I really do wish this place lots of luck. There are alot of people who live around here who are well traveled and who have tasted the real cuisine. Why do we keep getting fooled?

        1. re: spicehead

          too hot for pho this summer??? When is it ever chilly in Southeast Asia?? LOL

          1. re: Noreaster

            LOL- right back at ya! I travel to Hanoi ( which is in the North) a few times per year for business and in the winter the temps drop down to the low 60's. Perfect temp to eat Pho!!!