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Aug 1, 2010 07:39 AM

Blue Ridge Dining Room, Grove Park Inn, Asheville

This restaurant has a "farm to table" buffet. I can say, unequivocally, that almost everything that was available was truly awful. Even the Italian deli meat was awful.

How is that possible? One doesn't have high expectations for a buffet, and, of course, some thing are bound to be better than others. But it is quite a feat to have countless options consistently barely edible.

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  1. This will not answer your question as to how it's possible that your food was awful at the buffet, however, I can tell you that the next time you want to have enjoyable gourmet cuisine for less than 30 bucks a head, there are countless independent restaurants that gather their wares from many local farmers that will knock your socks off. Now, I strongly suggest that, if you plan on staying at the Grove Park - which, by the way, has several great restaurant choices other than the buffet - check out the threads on chowhound that give, in great detail, wonderful insight into the culinary extravaganza that
    Asheville has to offer. And, it's a mere shuttle or cab ride away. In other words, if you're gonna shell out thirty bucks a head on a meal - do it at an indy haunt.

    1. sounds par for my grove park course. buffets were awful the two times i've tried them (mother's day brunch a number of years ago was horrific and uber expensive). restos never reached above mediocre. sure think a lot of themselves price-wise, though. it's very average hotel food, and nothing more. pretty place to visit. much better food and accommodation values in asheville. i sum up the grove park as being for those with more money than taste.

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        To echo the others, and as a local who has to eat at the GPI for work functions throughout the year (across several of their dining rooms - buffet, Horizons, the Blue Ridge), I've found the food at GPI to be horrible and incredibly over-priced. Tourists, save your money and enjoy all that downtown Asheville, West Asheville and Biltmore Village have to offer!

      2. The original comment has been removed